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Shared Spectrum: Taking Control of Your Own Networks

Mavenir’s OnGo-certified CBRS offering is designed to fulfill communication needs and address business critical challenges by providing the essential 4 C’s for a network: 3GPP quality Coverage across enterprises; Increased Control of the Network; lower Cost of ownership by an end-to-end software-based network on COTS platform or public cloud; and finally, Compensation by enabling monetization and revenue generation capabilities.

Mavenir’s Cloud-Native, End-To-End CBRS Network

5G Ready – Define Future Technology Evolution

Mavenir offers its full portfolio of 4G and 5G solutions for the Private Networks market to address the needs of Enterprises, Industries and Service Providers. 

OnGo Alliance and Certification

Mavenir is a proud member of the OnGo Alliance, a group dedicated to the establishment, advocacy, and adoption of the 3.5 GHz band in the US. In addition, Mavenir’s three CBRS radio units are OnGo Certified, meeting the high set of industry standards for interoperability and security.

Fully Automated Deployment and Management

Fully automated deployment and management provides single pane of glass view of all solution components, manage network resources, network topology, remote monitoring, service assurance and diagnostics. 

Invest to Grow, Scale with Growth

End-to-end distributed cloud-based capabilities with fast on-boarding and reliability. Commercial model that allows investment to grow, beginning with an all-inclusive starter kit. 

Mavenir as an Award-Winning Innovator

Mavenir’s 5G-ready OpenRAN virtualized RAN solution has won awards and recognition around the world. 

One Stop Shop

Open Architecture based approach enabling bigger and broader ecosystems, including digital marketplace of device and application partner eco-system.

Accelerating Digital Transformation of Enterprise and Industry

The Mavenir CBRS/OnGo portfolio consists of certified CBRS Basestation Devices (CBSD) and associated cloud services that are necessary elements to operate private 4G and 5G networks. With Mavenir, deploying a CBRS/OnGo ready private network can be as simple as defining the coverage area, installing the access points, subscribing to needed cloud services and turning on the system.

Mavenir embraces disruptive, innovative technology architectures and business models that drive service agility, flexibility, and velocity. Mavenir’s end-to-end 4G/5G system and CBRS/OnGo ready solution, based on cloud-native and open architecture principles, is highly suited to address both mass scale private enterprise use cases as well as bespoke high-end use cases for advanced industries. In addition, Mavenir established a CBRS/OnGo lab for testing interoperability at its Richardson, Texas headquarters.

O-RAN CBRS architecture


S-1 Based CBRS Architecture

Learn more about Mavenir Systems Integration for private networks.

Learn more about Mavenir small cell solutions. 


Mavenir’s OnGo Certified CBRS Radio Units

CBRS Indoor Radio Unit

Supports CBRS B48, 4T4R MIMO
150MHz Operation Bandwidth
5/10/15/20 MHz Bandwidth
Flexible Band configuration
Multi power, Carrier, and Band Radio
Indoor coverage up to 8000 sq feet
DAS/Small cell mode

CBRS Indoor S-1 Based Radio Unit E61

Supports CBRS B48, LTE 2x2 MIMO
150 MHz Operation Bandwidth
5/10/15/20 MHz Bandwidth
Indoor coverage up to 8000 sq feet
Direct S1 to MME or via Aggregated S1 via HeNB-GW

CBRS Outdoor Radio Unit

Supports CBRS B48, 4T4R MIMO
150 MHz Operation Bandwidth
5/10/15/20 MHz Bandwidth
Supports CPRI/ORAN 7.2 eCPRI Interface
5W Radio

Cloud Powered Capabilities

The Mavenir CBRS Private Network allows users to access services in a cost-effective manner by using network elements comprising of: Mavenir Evolved Packet Core, O-RAN central units, and components of Mavenir Digital Enablement platform. The solution allows for centralized management of all private network components, including providing onboarding, charging/accounting, and other BSS capabilities.

This efficient and scalable solution is future-proof and upgradable to standalone 5GC. The components can be hosted on premise or in the cloud.

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