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Transforming Networks with Cloud-Native IMS is Critical for 5G Automation and Future-Proofing Voice Services

Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS helps CSPs evolve all mobile voice services and modernize operations in any private, public, or hybrid clouds. The leader in NFV voice, video, and messaging, Mavenir enables the 5G transformation to build on existing 4G networks using a microservice-based architecture, purpose-built for fully automated cloud environments. Deploying CI/CD, containerized environments increases productivity and leverages current network investments with a 5G-ready, Cloud-Native IMS core platform.

Now is the time for CSPs to leverage cloud technology and prepare for the 5G future. Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS helps evolve today’s mobile voice services, building on existing 4G networks to support new 5G devices.

Prepare for 5G devices

As CSPs prepare to launch communications services compatible with any 5G device, Cloud-Native IMS provides continuity in voice services that may be overlooked in the rush to move to 5G. Mavenir eases the transition with support for both VoLTE and Voice over New Radio (VoNR) or 5G Voice using a common IMS core. Mavenir’s 5G IMS technology which supports VoNR enables a single IMS investment to support multiple generations of voice services, guarantees service parity, and facilitates voice continuity between 4G and 5G. 

Modernize operations for the 5G era

Now CSPs can evolve the IMS infrastructure to operate in any cloud environment, public or private. Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS can be deployed as containers on Kubernetes and in public clouds where any device or service, and all applications can run on an automated network, utilizing open architecture, containers, and artificial intelligence.

Innovate and offer new services

Offer new and innovative services that allow CSPs to compete with OTTs and create differentiation from the competition. Mavenir’s revolutionary, unique IMS technology offers capabilities above and beyond standards without losing the ability to interoperate. A microservices architecture, built for the cloud allows CSPs to utilize the same IMS core for VoLTE and 5G voice while they deploy new services more efficiently. When combined with Mavenir’s Rich Communications Services, Cloud-Native IMS enables even more innovation in the 5G era.


Cloud-Native IMS

Mavenir’s cloud-native IMS platform serves as the foundational technology for 5G mobile networks. Mavenir is the only cloud-native, end-to-end network software provider, and the world leader in cloud-based IMS.

Transform Your Network for 5G

Many CSPs have yet to move to a 4G IMS core and have deployed early 4G IMS networks, predominantly for fixed-voice networks on older purpose-built hardware. Ultimately, all CSPs need fully cloud-native networks to remain viable and competitive in the long term. Migration is not an easy process and requires detailed plans to deal with legacy equipment, operating systems, and ultimately customer migrations. There is significant long-term value in upgrading technology that will give CSPs more control and reduced operating costs.

More important than the plans for technology upgrades are the plans for operational modernization. The most significant gains come from a monumental transformation in the operating process. Mavenir’s experience can help you achieve the 5G promise on any cloud. Combining proven technology with a review of the organization, culture, and operations will bring the greatest benefits.

Only a cloud-native network, evolved into a fully web-scale platform, can meet the requirements for a successful 5G transformation. Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS functions on any cloud – with no legacy hardware platforms or migration from a fixed IMS. This mobile-first architecture has been deployed globally in a variety of large multivendor environments offering distinct advantages:
Proven scale (both up and down) with carrier-grade reliability in large mobile networks
Full standards compliance and interface interoperability​
Flexible framework supporting a multitude of applications and services​
Field hardened advanced load-balancing and resiliency features​

These capabilities can change the economic equation for CSPs and make the promise of 5G networks on any cloud a reality. While others claim to offer a cloud-native IMS solution that is scalable, agile, with robust load management and resiliency — the proof is in the architecture and actual deployments. Mavenir leads in providing cloud-native, containerized IMS globally for the mobile core.

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