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Apr 02

Mavenir & Microsoft: Pioneering Programmable RAN Solutions for Enhanced Network Control and Customization

Mavenir, in collaboration with Microsoft, is revolutionizing the Open RAN ecosystem. The innovation leverages the Microsoft Programmable RAN platform and Janus framework, offering unprecedented real-time control and programmability at Layer 1. This breakthrough enables dynamic service models and customizable debugging, unlocking potential use cases like interference detection and energy efficiency. Mavenir’s advanced data extraction tool,…

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Monetizing 5G SA With the Network Exposure Function

Network Exposure Function (NEF) is a key component of 5G SA and provides new ways for CSPs to monetize on their 5G networks. With NEF, charging based on API usage, implementing tiered pricing plans based on differentiated QoS, and even entering revenue-sharing agreements with new partners across different businesses is now a practical and attainable reality


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