Initial deployments, migrations, or ongoing projects



Mavenir is ready to partner with customers for all their system integration needs such as initial deployments, migrations, or ongoing project needs.

Mavenir provides end-to-end system integration services across multiple technologies.  With over 1,000+ highly trained engineers across the globe, spanning five continents with multiple Centers of Excellence, NOCs, and labs, Mavenir is successfully leading the way to new technologies like 5G, Open RAN, and cloud-centric architectures.



  • Cloud Services
  • Open RAN Services
  • Private Network Services
  • Cloud-Native IMS
  • Converged Packet Core
  • VoLTE
  • Security
  • Messaging
  • UCaaS
  • NFV


Mavenir maintains a global, highly trained professional service delivery organization with deep experience in designing, installing, commissioning, testing, and turning up (Golive) complex software-based solutions across multiple mobile technologies including RAN, 4G/5G Core, VoLTE, IMS, Security, Messaging, UCaaS, NFV, and Cloud.

Available for initial deployments, migrations, or ongoing project needs, Mavenir uses a well-proven, testing, and repeatable Design and Deployment process. And the integrated delivery and support organization drives efficiencies, accountability, and speed of response and resolution.



  • Program Management
  • Design, Plan, Build and Deploy
  • Advanced Integration
  • Test and Handover
  • Cloud Buildout
  • NFV and Virtualization Deployments
  • Migrations


Mavenir is proud to partner with technology leaders to provide customers with the most in-depth experience to implement, test, and transform networks.

Group 13301


The Mavenir cloud service is based on the Managed Service principle whereby Mavenir takes responsibility to set up, deploy, maintain, operate, and manage the Mavenir cloud-based services including the underlying cloud infrastructure. It is a SaaS offering including the following services some of which are conducted on a 24×7 basis globally.

Monitoring Services

Mavenir has its own data centers in multiple countries across the Globe. Mavenir can also work with various cloud partners to offer this same service in any location as desired by the customer.

Cloud Security Services

The Mavenir cloud solution uses a layered security approach based on in-depth security. Policies and procedures are based on ISO 27002. The cloud provider provides policies and procedures for the physical and perimeter regions of the cloud. Mavenir delivers a secure network, secure host, secure applications, and secure data, through policies, procedures, and technical controls.

Application and Platform Management Services

Mavenir Application and Platform Management Services are aimed to deliver platform and application management services for the Cloud environment and related services up to the agreed Quality of Service and SLAs.

Cloud RAN & Network Cloudification

  • Zero Touch Deployment
  • Shortest Time to Deploy
  • Digital Enablement Platform
  • Cloud Fabric Solutions
  • Analytics and Reporting

Service Cloudification 

  • Extensive and Leading NFV and Virtualization Deployment Footprint
  • Extensive and Hardened Reference Architectures, Automation, and Tooling
  • Strong Scalable Supply Chain Model for Hardware and Site Material Sourcing
  • Single Integrated Delivery, Operations, Cloud, IT Organization
  • Remote Center of Delivery supporting Global Deployments


Open RAN promises an alternative to the legacy in the radio access network (RAN), one of the critical parts of the infrastructure. In a traditional RAN, hardware components and software code run on propriety hardware and interfaces.  The interfaces do not support proprietary between different vendors. Virtualization decouples hardware and software and allows operators to run software-based network functions on standard (COTS) servers. Open RAN focuses on developing vendor-neutral hardware and software-defined technology-based open interfaces and community-developed standards, giving operators the ability to use one supplier’s radios with another supplier’s processors.  Virtualization and Open RAN together make 5G mobile broadband networks more cost-effective, secure, highly available, resilient, and readily upgradable to new innovations.

Mavenir is a pioneer of Open RAN and a founding member of the O-RAN Alliance. The O-RAN ALLIANCE establishes Open RAN technology standards and is defining the next generation RAN solutions that are open, intelligent, virtualized, and fully interoperable. Open RAN drives more competition and thereby results in higher quality, and lower-cost products. With this new class of RAN products, service providers can realize savings upwards of 30% in their CAPEX and OPEX spends without any fear of being locked into a single vendor.

The growing momentum for Open RAN solutions is driving the demand from mobile operators for vendors to provide an end-to-end Open RAN service ecosystem to design, build, optimize, and maintain these networks.

Mavenir’s deep experience in Open RAN technology solutions and end-to-end networks, coupled with leading partners in supply chain management, system integration, and field installation, will provide customers with a full complement of solutions and services. Joint capabilities will cover:

  • Comprehensive solution planning, and design
  • Efficient supply chain, and pre-staging capability
  • Well established warehousing, forward, and reverse logistics
  • Rapid site surveys, expert RF planning, and design
  • Nationwide cell site installation, solution deployment, integration, and test
  • Cost-effective drive testing, and RF optimization
  • End to end migration scenario planning, testing, and execution
  • Expert KPI tuning, performance monitoring, field services, and lifecycle support


Mavenir understands customers may have Radios with a 3rd party and in order to leverage the true potential of ORAN,  integration of 3rd party Radios with the ORAN is very important. Mavenir offers System integration services for their customer so that their preferred 3rd party radios don’t become a bottleneck for them to unlock the benefits for ORAN.

Customers can purchase 3rd party Radios and test with SI specification; Mavenir will then integrate with the ORAN solution. Mavenir experts will support customers through a detailed workshop to understand their Radio capabilities. Based on the offered solution the expert will provide technical recommendations and provide a list of test cases against which the customer can get their radios tested.

Mavenir has the capability to integrate the 3rd party Radio within Mavenir’s ORAN Ecosystem.


Mavenir’s Private Network solution is purpose-built for the evolution to 5G and the increased demand for use cases and applications. Mavenir offers its full portfolio of 4G and 5G solutions for the Private Networks market to address the needs of Enterprises, Industries, and Service Providers. This end-to-end 5G system, based on cloud-first, and open architecture principles, is highly suited to address both mass scale private enterprise use cases as well as bespoke high-end use cases for advanced industries.

Mavenir is partnering with companies from various industries, public and government authorities, and network operators to support the introduction and integration of private networks including applications and services.




Enhanced Care Services

Technical support to successfully run network operations across all technologies and disciplines.

End User Male

Professional Services

Full turn-key deployment and integration services to drive quick time to market and positive customer outcomes.


Systems Integration

End-to-end system integration services from initial deployments, migrations, and ongoing project needs.


Maintenance & Support

Maintenance services that best match a customer’s network environment demands and budget.


Magenta Telekom Selects Mavenir to Deliver Software-Defined Voice Services
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Magenta Telekom Selects Mavenir to Deliver Software-Defined Voice Services

Nokia Partners with Mavenir to Prove Open RAN System Performance
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Nokia Partners with Mavenir to Prove Open RAN System Performance

Mavenir wins Network X 2023 award for Outstanding Automation Solution in Open RAN.
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Mavenir’s Cloud-Native Network Automation and Open RAN Intelligent Controller (O-RIC) Win Outstanding Automation Solution in Open RAN Award at Network X 2023

Ice Norway Upgrades to Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS on Red Hat OpenShift in Strategic Project Expansion
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Ice Norway Upgrades to Mavenir’s Cloud-Native IMS on Red Hat OpenShift in Strategic Project Expansion

Deutsche Telekom and Mavenir Unveil Advancements in 5G Standalone Network Slicing Service Opportunities
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Deutsche Telekom and Mavenir Unveil Advancements in 5G Standalone Network Slicing Service Opportunities

Orange Spain Successfully Tests a 5G SA Data Connection With Open RAN
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Orange Spain Successfully Tests a 5G SA Data Connection With Open RAN