Mavenir does not tolerate modern slavery or human trafficking. We are committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards throughout our organization and across our supply chain and have a wide scope of global and local policies to ensure the utmost compliance in human and employment rights. This statement addresses the period February 2023 to January 2024, our fiscal year.


Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Overview

Mavenir has in place clear policies to prevent slavery and human trafficking in its own organization. We also very seriously consider the dangers of such practices in the supply chain. Mavenir does not tolerate these activities within the organization or supply chain and are committed to taking appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s rights and freedom are respected.

The Mavenir company policy is to ensure that all operations and transactions are within the laws of the countries where we operate. We further seek to apply the highest international standards, wherever possible, in the way we employ people and do business. We also apply such standards to the management of outsourced services, temporary workers and self-employed contractors.

A fundamental principal of Mavenir is to ensure that no Mavenir supplier uses child labor for the fulfilment of our orders for goods or services. All our suppliers must also ensure that they do not rely on illegal immigrants or those trafficked by either gang masters or work agencies who charge employees to operate in any part of their organizations, contractors or subcontractors. Therefore, all suppliers are required, as part of their contractual relationship, to sign contracts that include undertakings as set out above.

Mavenir takes steps through regular inspections of supplier operations to ensure that both product and service quality is maintained and that the above undertakings are fully met. Where any requirement is found out of compliance the supplier shall be given eight weeks to rectify it. If not fully rectified then the supply contract will either be suspended, a contractually agreed penalty applied, or the contract will not be renewed at the date when the current contract comes to an end.

All managerial and executive employees of Mavenir are made fully aware of the company’s policies in these fields and required to comply with them. The requirements are mainstreamed into in-house training activities and is a mandatory subject to be covered during annual performance appraisal meetings for managers and executives.

If any manager or executive of Mavenir is found to have infringed on this policy, encouraged its infringement, neglected to take its requirements seriously, or failed to take remedial steps when necessary then they shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions.


Mavenir Beliefs and Values

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct conveys many important messages to our employees, our customers, our business partners and vendors, as well as our equity holders and the public. Most of all, it demonstrates our commitment. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards when conducting our business. Our reputation and success depend on doing business with integrity and delivering on our promises to our equity holders, customers and employees.

Expected workplace behaviors are designed to support our Values and are based on the core concepts of integrity, honesty and ethical behavior.

  • Honesty: Provide truthful information and respectful dialogue.
  • Ethical Behavior: Live the core values of the Company and act in good faith.
  • Lawful Conduct: Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Good Judgment: Apply appropriate judgment in decision-making.
  • Common Sense: Use common sense in daily activities and interactions.

Global Procurement Policy

The Mavenir Code of Business Conduct Expectations for Third Parties outlines the Company’s expectations for ethical behavior and legal compliance by its business partners, including suppliers, external agents, resellers, alliance partners and others. The expectations are in line with internationally recognized standards for socially responsible corporations, including the United Nations Global Compact Principles, the International Labor Organization, and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative.

This policy is also in line with our Code of Conduct. We do not expect our business partners to adhere to a standard we are not willing to adhere to ourselves.

Grievance Mechanisms

We encourage everyone who works for Mavenir to report suspected breaches of our Code of Conduct. This can be to managers within Mavenir, or via an anonymous external confidential reporting service – an online and phone reporting hotline that is regularly communicated to all employees, suppliers and contractors.

This statement is published on the company’s website mavenir.com and an archive of statements from previous years maintained online.