Open RAN architectures are changing the telco industry, eliminating vendor lock-in, fueling innovation and greatly improving financial models. Mavenir’s award-winning Open Virtualized RAN (Open vRAN) solution leverages open interfaces, virtualization, and web-scale containerization, which can result in a 37% savings in TCO over 5 years. (Source: Senza Fili 2021).

Mavenir’s Open vRAN supports all generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and is built from the ground up to be cloud-native, with fully containerized microservices allowing it to be deployed easily on any cloud – private, hybrid or public.

Performance tests have shown to match or exceed the performance of (legacy, proprietary) closed RAN.  But the real power of Open RAN is in intelligence and automation. Placing applications closer to the edge allows for fine-grained adjustments to network performance with the innovative use of /machine learning (ML) analytics. Tests with real traffic data show that using the Mavenir’s real-time RIC with Open vRAN may improve handover throughput and spectral efficiency by an average of 50% over traditional handover processes!

Mavenir Open vRAN


Cloud computing shifts network functions from dedicated hardware platforms into virtualized software components that can be implemented on hardware, which can be pooled in centralized data centers. Mavenir’s Open vRAN O-RAN compliant, fully containerized solution works on open interfaces supporting O-RAN Split 7.2x and Split 2. It further disaggregates into Distributed Unit (DU) and Centralized Unit (CU).  These entities work as a containerized network functions running on Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware. Designed to support multiple Fronthaul splits simultaneously – making the vRAN solution an ideal choice for a vendor-agnostic and future-proof strategy.

The Open RAN subsystems consists of:

  • The Mavenir CU supports PDCP and RRC layers and runs on COTS hardware which can then be deployed on public or private cloud. It has built-in high availability support so there is minimal downtime in case of any CU instance failure.  The CU can handle multiple DUs provides in a Split 2 architecture the same type of latencies that a standard S1 radio could support today. As the Mavenir CU is virtualized and containerized, it can be scaled up if the buffer queue becomes an issue for a particular CU.
  • The Mavenir DU supports RLC, MAC and Hi-PHY layers which are usually deployed at cell-sites or local data centers.
  • Mavenir’s OpenBeam RUs are providing customers with the largest portfolio of O-RAN compliant radio products spanning micro, macro, mmWave and mMIMO.

The Mavenir Open vRAN solution is completely flexible and supports a number of deployment options including:

  • CU in the public cloud and DU in a private cloud
  • The CU at the data center with the DU at the cell site
  • Both the CU and DU in the data center
  • CU and UPF can be deployed on the same servers for MEC deployments
  • CU and DU on the same servers for rural deployments


Mavenir is the first to deploy Open vRAN on the public cloud as part of the DISH deployment. Our unique strategy brings best practices from the hyperscale cloud and IT industries for rapid design, development, testing and rollouts.   Mavenir’s cloud native tools (mCMS and MTCIL) use native kubernetes constructs to provide seamless configuration management of RAN workloads to support the placement of workloads at the right location.

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Modernizing Telco Business for 5G


To help mobile operators make the best use of network resources, Mavenir developed the Open RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), uniquely designed with deep knowledge of the Radio Access Network (RAN) domain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and cloud-native, software-defined networking. The Mavenir RIC adds strategic value and differentiation to the operator network by providing a framework that automates RAN operational workflows while also optimizing end-to-end network performance.

Mavenir Open RAN


The Open RAN Partner Ecosystem provides more options and makes it easy for operators to deploy an innovative, flexible Cloud-based Open RAN solution.

Mavenir acts as the end-to-end systems integrator simplifying the engagement for operators and creating a solution where vendor lock-in with traditional, hardware-based approaches are no longer the only choice.



Additional Radio/Access solutions include:


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Small Cells & In-Building Solutions

Full range of indoor and outdoor small cells, from residential to enterprise to rural applications


Nokia Partners with Mavenir to Prove Open RAN System Performance
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Nokia Partners with Mavenir to Prove Open RAN System Performance

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Orange Spain Successfully Tests a 5G SA Data Connection With Open RAN

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Mavenir Awarded Two Wins at the NTIA 2023 5G Challenge