A secure, cost-effective alternative to run all or parts of the telco network on the public cloud.



Mavenir’s deep telco expertise in deploying highly distributed and cloud-native solutions, coupled with public cloud operations for different industries provides agility, scaling, slicing and resiliency.

Mavenir’s Network-as-a-Hosted Service (NaaHS) provides a secure, cost-effective alternative to run all or parts of the telco network on the public cloud and gives CSPs flexibility to integrate the solution with other on-prem workloads – all without compromising or degrading their SLAs and resiliency.

NaaHS allows CSPs to deploy Mavenir’s market leading 4G/5G products and applications with public cloud computing infrastructure, state of the art container deployment and management technologies, and big data analytics services.

CSPs can now embrace the web-scale IT philosophy

Delivering increased bandwidth and improved economics through greater efficiency, network automation, and agility. Mavenir’s cloud-native, microservices-based, containerized software enables a streamlined environment that significantly reduces the operational costs of managing software lifecycles and platform integration efforts.

CSPs can accelerate the move to 5G

By removing infrastructure barriers without heavy investment, NaaHS offers easy scaling, hardware de-coupling, agility, portability, and resilience across multiple cloud environments. A light hardware footprint reduces costs, and the adoption of CI/CD allows CSPs to leverage automation of the software life cycle to enhance network reliability and efficiency while making it easier to quickly introduce new services in the market.


Cost Effective

Remove the complexity.

The Mavenir cloud-native, microservices-based, containerized software enables a streamlined environment. Fully-managed cloud service reduces hardware investment, removes the capital expense, depreciation burden, and need for dedicated physical space.  The operational costs of managing software lifecycles and platform integration efforts are significantly reduced, leaving the CSP to focus on revenue-generating business, not IT.

Scalable & Secure

Increase or decrease capacity securely based on network demands.

The NaaHS solution is designed to be deployed in a combination of Region, Local Zones (LZ), and Outpost servers. The elasticity of Mavenir’s cloud-native software makes it easy to scale up and down as demand changes, whether it’s forecasted or not. Network security, isolation, and data governance are pillars of the design, and Mavenir worked to carefully architect the solution to address typical CSP security concerns.

Improved Productivity

Automate and deploy applications in minutes.

All network services in the solution are lifecycle managed through Mavenir’s orchestration solution, which makes it easy and efficient to design and deploy a network instance. Building, testing, releasing, and deploying can happen swiftly and consistently. Developers can make quick modifications and updates to applications that are built as fine-grained microservices in containers, deployed on the cloud.

Speed to Market

Launch new services at rapid speed.

Rely on Mavenir for a customizable, better performing network with Open APIs that integrate with any 3rd party observability framework and provide flexible, extensible service agility. Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) reduces lengthy integration using DevOps-based software release and upgrade cycles. Using automation gives CSPs reduced time to market.


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Deploying a network with Mavenir and AWS is a game changer. The partnership combines Mavenir’s expertise in deploying and operating cloud-native network functions with the global scale and power of the AWS compute infrastructure.

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