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5G technology is very different in nature when compared to previous generations of wireless networks.

5G can be viewed as a collection of end-to-end use cases rather than just a collection of technology. Use cases include, but are not limited to – remote healthcare, autonomous cars, industrial advanced robotics, smart utilities, smart agriculture and more. These use cases require a different network architecture comprised of the following features:

  • Highly adaptable and elastically scalable networks built to handle increased network capacity, high data rates, and low transmission delay.
  • Zero trust security.
  • Extremely high level of automation.
  • Simplified deployment and maintenance (especially at the network edges).
  • Very light, and yet scalable, applications (agile with low resource utilization).
  • Elastic application scalability (in and out), without affecting other functionalities.

These requirements have triggered a transformation in telecom much like what the IT industry ten years ago had seen – migration to webscale platforms and microservice architectures.

With Mavenir’s webscale platform, mobile operators can run their network on any cloud. Importantly, the software works for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.


This allows the wireless service providers to have one network for all devices 2G to 5G. It is the common software across Mavenir products and services that enables agility and speed in the delivery of new applications, as well as the adoption of new technologies. It is unique because it brings the best practices from the hyper- scale cloud and IT industries for rapid design, development, testing and rollout. With MWP platform, operators can now run applications on any cloud – on Private clouds, on Public clouds such as Amazon, Azure and Google or even on Hybrid clouds, and not just in large central data centers, but also out to the edge and into enterprises.

Mavenir Webscale Platform (MWP) is a next generation cloud-native solution that includes Kubernetes based CaaS (Containers as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and MTCIL (Telecom PaaS layer) along with a management layer that includes full FCAPS, analytics, slice management and service orchestration.

MWP offers open source based CaaS and PaaS enabling fully automated installations, upgrades, and lifecycle management on any private, public, or hybrid clouds. MTCIL is built on open source components and provides efficient adaptation of the standard Kubernetes CaaS and PaaS to carrier grade (5 9s availability) requirements. MWP serves as a blueprint to implement an open 5G cloud-native network that enhances flexibility by enabling seamless cloud deployments.

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