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Real-Time Network Protection and Fraud Prevention Built on Machine Learning & Analytics

Where security is compromised, fraud is inevitable.  Mavenir’s Network Security and Fraud Management Suite protects the network and its customer base in real-time, and with predictive analytics through Machine Learning (ML) technology. Mavenir offers modules across all the main verticals within the fraud and security domain.


Spam Shield: Messaging Revenue Assurance and Spam Prevention

Protects the CSPs’ revenue leakage based on innovative bypass techniques for Application-to-Person (A2P)  traffic, while also ensuring subscriber protection against spam, scams, malware, phishing and fraud. SpamShield ensures efficient real-time detection of campaigns, acknowledged by deployments in many CSPs around the globe.


Network Signaling Security

Mavenir provides Signaling firewalling solutions that implement the GSMA mitigation recommendations (FS.11, FS.19, FS.20, FS.21) to detect and prevent the signaling-based attacks from happening (Signaling Security).

FMS: Fraud Management

A modern approach to fight fraud in real-time, based on a Big Data approach suited to manage the volume, velocity, and variety of structured and unstructured data. Custom ML modules utilize a unique, real-time fraud analytics platform, tailored for CSPs’ most pressing needs. Use Cases included in the FMS are: Revenue share fraud (Wangiri, IRSF, etc.), subscription/dealer fraud, data fraud (data charging bypass), mobile money fraud, and wholesale fraud.

Call Shield: Nuisance Call and Robocall Protection

CallShield is Mavenir’s insightful approach to the ever-growing battle against nuisance calls and robocall. Bringing together the best of fraud management and ML technology, Call Shield enables operators to identify attacks on their network in the form of nuisance calling and robocalling and choose appropriate blocking or diverting responses.

Caller ID enrichment feature enables monetization of the enterprise voice services and secures enterprise identity, preventing spoofing and phishing scenarios.

Equipment Identity Register

Mavenir has one of the largest Equipment Identity Register (EIR)install base world-wide. Mavenir EIR is compatible with 2G/3G/4G and 5G networks enabling not only standard 3GPP equipment control use-cases, but also becomes a core part for the device management/device detection solutions, equipment type monitoring, anti-fraud protection and many more.

All modules within Mavenir’s Fraud and Security Suite include the following features:

  • Easy-to-use intuitive management interface for minimal response times to act on any unforeseen ongoing suspicious activity detected.
  • Sophisticated ML algorithms for detection.
  • A powerful correlation engine offering detection of anomalous traffic patterns through efficient traffic profiling capabilities. The ML mechanisms behind the correlation engine create challenging obstacles for fraudulent activities to pass through unnoticed.
  • A supporting analytics component which enables CSPs to create interactive dashboards and reports based on any required key performance indicators. Generated reports offer insights on traffic and activity beyond just security context, helping operators reveal insights across any possible network optimizations.
  • Real-time detection and blocking of fraudulent traffic.
  • Architecture and interfaces.


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