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Real-Time Network Protection and Fraud Prevention Built on Machine Learning & Analytics

When security is compromised, fraud is inevitable.  Fraudsters are now using artificial intelligence to change their behavior in real-time to avoid detection. Mavenir is securing voice, messaging, data and revenue protection with the Fraud and Security Suite, which provides Communications Service Providers (CSPs) a robust security strategy that protects the network and its customer base in real-time, with predictive analytics through Machine Learning (ML) technology.

Fraud and Security Suite

Real-time detection and blocking of fraudulent traffic with Mavenir’s Fraud and Security Suite.

SpamShield | CallShield | FMS: Fraud Management System | Network Signaling Security | Equipment Identity Register


Messaging Revenue Assurance and Spam Prevention

Mavenir’s SpamShield technology protects the CSPs’ subscribers against spam, scams, malware, phishing and fraud and provides A2P revenue protection for the carrier.

SpamShield’s innovative technology uses real-time AI and machine learning technology with unique message fingerprinting algorithms that enable automatic detection of messaging fraud scenarios.


Nuisance Calls, Robocall Protection and IRSF Prevention

CSP’s continually battle against robocalls, nuisance calls, as well as Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), like Wangri fraud to avoid loss of revenue and loss of customer trust.

Fraudsters are using sophisticated means to spoof and mirror valid numbers to avoid detection. As part of their robust security strategy, CSP’s must be able to quickly sift through the data and information to identify this activity. Mavenir’s CallShield uses unique real-time analytics to identify attacks on their network and choose appropriate blocking or diverting responses.

FMS: Fraud Management System

Fraud can come in the form of voice, messaging, dealer fraud, subscription fraud, or even data charging bypass.  As part of their robust security strategy, CSP’s need a way to fight fraud in real-time, no longer relying on only rules and thresholds for detection. 

Mavenir’s Fraud Management System uses real-time machine learning algorithms to identify fraud and other anomalies, quickly processing high volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Network Signaling Security

The threat of service interference and denial-of-service attacks are continual threats to networks. 

Mavenir’s Network Signaling Security uses adaptive analytics and machine learning to provide firewall protection that is fully GSMA compliant and enables detection of changes in the network behavior in real-time.     

Equipment Identity Register

Mavenir has one of the largest Equipment Identity Register (EIR) install bases in the world. Mavenir’s EIR is compatible with 2G/3G/4G and 5G networks. Additionally, Mavenir’s unique system enables full control of the device ecosystem in a selected country.

Mavenir’s Fraud and Security Suite

All modules include the following features:

  • 360-degree view of the threat landscape
  • Easy-to-use intuitive management interface  
  • Sophisticated ML algorithms for detection
  • A powerful correlation engine detecting anomalous traffic patterns
  • Interactive dashboards and reports based on required key performance indicators
  • Reporting insights across security issues and potential  network optimizations
  • Real-time detection and blocking of fraudulent traffic

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