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Modernize Existing Mobile Networks for a Flexible, Cost-Effective Journey to 5G​

Mavenir’s end-to-end, fully containerized packet core portfolio offers a flexible, cost-effective journey to 5G with multi-generational support for all G’s to modernize existing mobile networks while evolving to 5G. In addition, the Mavenir Converged Packet Core also supports non-3GPP access and can be tailored to fit any customer infrastructure and business needs.

Adopting 5G SA now can save up to
32% CAPEX and 39% OPEX.

Source: Monica Paolini, Senza Fili, December 2021

The cloud-native architecture where applications and services are purpose-built for the cloud model offers easy scaling, hardware decoupling, agility, portability, and resilience across public, private, and hybrid clouds. A granular microservice architecture provides carrier-grade resiliency that meets web-scale requirements such as high availability, security, and performance.

100% Cloud-Native, 100% Containerized, 100% Multi-Generational Support​

  • Support existing subscribers while deploying new commercial-grade 5G use cases, standalone or not ​
  • Reduce costs with a light hardware footprint while fine-grained microservices lend control and simplicity to the environment
  • Rely on a cloud-native environment to create and sustain a culture where building, testing, releasing, and deploying happens swiftly and consistently

Service-Based, Access Agnostic Core Architecture

  • Use open, standards-based APIs to provide flexible, extensible service agility
  • Rapidly launch new services and use AI/ML to scale networks automatically and reduce OPEX
  •  Serve all types of access (3GPP, non-3GPP, and wireline convergence) using a common core that allows seamless interworking between them and enables operational efficiencies

Converged Packet Core

Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core accelerates the move to 5G by supporting a flexible evolutionary path with minimal risk, unlimited scale, and greatly improved speed, security, and reliability. This fully-containerized, cloud-native Converged Packet Core solution provides support for “all Gs” on one network that can be deployed on any cloud.

Converged to the Core

Mavenir’s Converged Packet Core solution offers 5GC NF applications that are de-coupled and built independently of the platform. With the ability to run in any underlying CaaS, PaaS, and IaaS layer, Mavenir provides a truly disaggregated and independently scalable packet core architecture.​

Rely on a network that is customizable, better performing, and can launch new services at rapid speed. Open APIs can integrate with any 3rd party observability framework and provide flexible, extensible service agility.

Mavenir is committed to changing network economics and driving positive business outcomes. Mavenir’s packet core network architecture simplifies network transformation and focuses on core principles that consistently result in customer success.​

UPF - Angled Photo Stacked
High-Performance User Plane Function (UPF)
  • Employ a low hardware footprint user plane with Mavenir’s cloud-native, highly optimized packet processing design
  • Reduce cost per bit with software acceleration technologies such as DPDK, VPP, and hardware offloading using SmartNICs
Network Slicing - Angled Photo Stacked
Network Slicing
  • Create traffic isolation, security, and differentiated performance​
  • Customize the network to suit any specific customer requirements with minimal resources and an optimized footprint
MEC - Angled Photo Stacked
Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)​
  • Fulfill low-latency and high throughput requirements of specific 5G use-cases ​
  • Bring the natively de-coupled control and user plane closer to the edge and deploy it alongside the MEC application
CI/CD  - Angled Photo Stacked
Continuous Integration & Continuous Development (CI/CD)
  • Reduce time to market, cost, and lengthy integration processes with DevOps-based software release and upgrade cycles ​
  • Rapidly deploy to production environments using an automated path for continuous delivery

Mavenir’s Small Footprint Solutions

Mavenir’s small footprint solutions are suitable for on-premises, public, or private cloud deployments. The inherent scalability of the cloud-native microservices allows any-size deployment and easy incremental growth.

Mavenir’s Small Footprint 5GC

Mavenir’s Small Footprint 5GC brings ultra-reliable, low latency communication for efficient, automated networks. This lean, cloud-native, asset-light 5G packet core solution is specialized to enable CSPs, private networks, and cable operators to deliver low-cost, optimized-footprint solutions for enterprise applications.

Mavenir’s Small Footprint EPC

Mavenir’s highly compact, small footprint, containerized, and carrier-grade Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution is optimized for lightweight capital-efficient deployments of eMBB, IoT, and FWA applications. Mavenir’s scalable EPC software allows the same software used in larger networks to be miniaturized and used for small-form-factor applications.

Looking for a 5G Core?
“Mavenir is the fastest growing 5G Core vendor in 3Q21.”

Source: LightCounting 3Q21 Wireless Infrastructure Report

Converged Packet Core Enables Autonomous Vehicles

Bringing innovation to all industries, Mavenir’s award-winning 5G core network technology provides customers with dependable, cost-effective solutions for many new use cases, including autonomous vehicles. Watch the mining industry enable safe, reliable operations that optimize resources and maintain mission-critical revenue-generating activities.

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