Driving quick time to market and positive customer outcomes


Mavenir’s global suite of comprehensive professional services provides customers with full turn-key deployment and integration services to drive quick time to market and positive customer outcomes.

Mavenir maintains a global, highly trained professional service delivery organization with deep experience in designing, installing, commissioning, testing, and turning up (Golive) complex software-based solutions across multiple mobile technologies including RAN, 4G/5G Core, VoLTE, IMS, Security, Messaging, UCaaS, NFV, and Cloud. Available for initial deployments, migrations, or ongoing project needs, Mavenir uses a well-proven, testing, and repeatable Design and Deployment process. The integrated delivery and support organization drives efficiencies, accountability, and speed of response and resolution.


Services include:

  • Program Management
  • Design, Plan, Build and Deploy
  • Advanced Integration
  • Test and Handover
  • Cloud Buildout
  • NFV and Virtualization Deployments
  • Migrations


Mavenir’s consultancy services provide skilled experts to address customers’ growing operational needs across a wide range of skillsets required to successfully manage and operate today’s mission-critical networks.


Mavenir’s consultants can cover a wide range of needs such as:

  • Resident on-site engineers
  • Project-based staff augmentation
  • Solution architects to design and improve operations
  • RAN planning and optimization

Mavenir’s highly trained experts are trusted partners that help customers gain efficiencies, accelerate solution onboarding and drive faster knowledge transfer. Short-term engagements and remote delivery options are available and flexible to meet customer needs.


Services Include:

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Lead Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Level 1 Support Specialist
  • Software Developers
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • RAN Integration & Commissioning Engineers
  • RAN Operations Engineers



Enhanced Care Services

Technical support to successfully run network operations across all technologies and disciplines.

End User Male

Professional Services

Full turn-key deployment and integration services to drive quick time to market and positive customer outcomes.


Systems Integration

End-to-end system integration services from initial deployments, migrations, and ongoing project needs.


Maintenance & Support

Maintenance services that best match a customer’s network environment demands and budget.


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