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Jan 16

Legacy Versus Open RAN: Power Consumption In 5G Radios

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) is picking up traction and commercial interest in 2023, with multiple operators actively considering the technology for their new and existing 5G networks. Whilst, 5G deployments have matured and mobile operators are looking toward the next wave of monetization, sustainability is becoming a critical topic and is now part of the criteria for vendor selection.

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Dec 06

Open RAN Vendor Assessment Report

Discover ABI Research’s comprehensive assessment of Open RAN vendors, providing insights into the dynamic evolution of this critical technology. Evaluating key criteria like R&D investments, O-RAN Alliance contributions, mMIMO support, product diversity, global reach, partnerships, proofs-of-concept, energy efficiency, and deployment adaptability, this assessment offers a holistic view of the industry’s advancements.

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Monetizing 5G SA With the Network Exposure Function

Network Exposure Function (NEF) is a key component of 5G SA and provides new ways for CSPs to monetize on their 5G networks. With NEF, charging based on API usage, implementing tiered pricing plans based on differentiated QoS, and even entering revenue-sharing agreements with new partners across different businesses is now a practical and attainable reality


Digital BSS

MDE’s Digital BSS is a cloud-native catalog-driven BSS, designed as a library of microservices specifically for CSPs to modernize legacy stack, accelerate digital transformation, monetize 5G use-cases and provide partner-led services.


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