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Sep 13

Technical University of Liberec Showcases Advanced Use Cases of T-Mobile Czech’s Open RAN 5G Private Campus Network Powered by Mavenir

Last week, business leaders, innovation teams and government representatives gathered at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) for an exclusive glimpse into the latest 5G network-based innovations – enabled by the country’s first Open RAN campus network, delivered by T-Mobile Czech and Mavenir. Full online event video: Jak na 5G privátní sítě | Evropský projekt…

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Sep 01

Uncovering The Facts Behind Headline Grabbing Articles

Recently, Dell’Oro released a quarterly summary of MCN (Mobile Core Network) report from Q2’2023. Dell’Oro gets this data from vendors each quarter and provides details with breakdown of market categories, but the details are only accessible to paid subscribers. It is quite encouraging. It reflects that pace of virtualization is increasing and in fact, if someone…

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Powering Network Transformation

I spent last 2 days with my executive team and worldwide sales team. We reviewed our progress so far and path forward for rest of the year and next year. My observations and conclusions are as follows: Mavenir started in 2005. We were competing against Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Samsung, Siemens…


Proven Open and Interoperable Ecosystem Fuels Open RAN’s Momentum

Open RAN technology offers a significant value proposition for telecom operators in terms of cost savings, vendor diversification, and increased agility. In this latest blog post, John Baker, SVP, Ecosystem Business Development, examines the ecosystem sharing a comprehensive view of the publicly announced, proven open and interoperable Open RAN ecosystem.


Opening-up Cloud-Native 5G for Over 240 Million US Subscribers

US wireless carrier DISH Wireless is fulfilling its vision of “changing the way the world communicates” with the delivery of a nationwide cloud-native 5G Open RAN network. Mavenir congratulates its partner DISH Wireless on reaching the impressive milestone of deploying over 15,000 5G Open RAN sites that cover over 70% of the US population – more than 240 million Americans – within the FCC buildout deadlines.


What To Know About Security In Open RAN Technology

Published as part of the Forbes Technology Council series. Open RAN (ORAN) has been a key area of innovation in the telecommunications industry in recent years. Open RAN disaggregates the radio access network (RAN) and enables a modular architecture with open interfaces. RAN disaggregation permits faster innovation, lower operating expenses for operators and unique ways to optimize…


Interview With John Baker at Open RAN World in Berlin – April 2023

Click here to view the recording It’s said that Open RAN is all about ‘Open Interfaces’. This feels like an oversimplified view. Can you explain? It’s really not complicated. Yes, it’s all about interoperability between two different elements in a mobile network. Those two elements could be actually manufactured by two different vendors, and providing…


Open RAN the Game-Changer for the Telecommunications Industry

“Enabling multi-vendor operation while supporting all capabilities possible with traditional RAN, will allow operators to leverage equipment from new vendors and provide innovative solutions that deliver higher network performance” said Pardeep Kohli, Mavenir’s President and CEO.