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Cutting-Edge Software Technology

Mavenir is the world leader in virtualized mobile core deployments and has gained trust from customers, who recognize how critical it is to modernize and automate their networks, ensuring the future of their business.

They trust Mavenir to deliver a cloud-native, fully virtualized, and fully containerized mobile core, providing a unique and better way to provide voice, data, video, messaging, and other core services.

Mavenir’s cutting-edge software technology speeds up modernization:

  • Open architectures allow for greater choice
  • Virtualization enables multiple applications to run across a shared pool of servers
  • Automation reduces the reliance on human involvement
  • AI and ML enhance software development and management
  • A cloud-native approach makes orchestration easier

Mavenir’s achievements in modernizing the core are setting the stage for the future – where cloud-native networks will be the only way to fulfill the promise of 5G.

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