Mavenir: ‘Open RAN Is Here to Stay’

RCR Wireless News caught up with Mavenir during Fyuz to better understand this link between Open RAN and innovation, in the context of the former merely describing standardized, open interfaces between RAN elements and the latter focused more on how these new architectures are leveraged by operators in the real world. 


Ice Norway Doubles Down on Mavenir With Cloud-Native IMS Deal

As a trusted technology partner and one of the leading market providers for voice, data and messaging, upgrading to Mavenir’s IMS was the natural progression for Ice Norway, as they continue to invest in their network cloudification strategy – delivering optimal quality of service to subscribers, leveraging innovative technologies for enhanced customer experience.


Ericsson Lights the Open RAN Fyuz… However the Proof is in the Eating

We welcome Ericsson joining the Open RAN community,” stated John Baker, senior VP of business development at Mavenir. However… “until Ericsson has certified its products and interoperated with other vendors, it does not have Open RAN. The proof is in the eating – it must be more than just words”.


Vodafone Reserves Big Role for Open RAN in Upcoming 100,000-Site Tender

Vodafone’s Santiago Tenorio in a Light Reading article talks about Mavenir’s success in becoming a RAN player and how massive MIMO jointly developed by Mavenir and Qualcomm is “dramatically better” at energy efficiency than anything Tenorio has seen from the big incumbents.


Mavenir Secures Funding for Two O-RAN Projects in the UK

In a recent interview with RCR Wireless News, Mavenir’s Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Business Enablement, talks about Mavenir’s focus on a converged charging system to bridge the gap between 4G, NSA 5G and SA 5G, as operators face a pressing need to monetize 5G services.