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Why partner with Mavenir and join the ecosystem? Simply put, Mavenir provides a secure RCS messaging solution with a potential global reach of 3.5B subscribers and over 300 CSPs worldwide. Mavenir already has 37 million activated RCS clients and 21 active RCS deployments. And most importantly, Mavenir provides a clean messaging channel to the end-user. Conversation data is never sold to third parties for advertising revenue.

Business messaging is by far the most effective sales and marketing tool available today.

While an email campaign open rate of 20-30% is considered great, SMS messaging open rates average 98%, with 90% of messages read within three seconds, and 77% of consumers aged 18-34 have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability. (source: Dynmark). While the SMS-based messaging business is worth an estimated $60B annually today, the rich communications improvements achievable through RCS (Rich Communication Services) are expected to grow the business messaging market opportunity by including Customer Service use cases as well as encouraging migration of digital advertising budgets onto messaging.

Mavenir, the industry leader in messaging with a 37% share of the RCS market, offers aggregators and brands the opportunity to partner in a dynamic ecosystem that will grow their business by reaching customers in their native messaging app, rather than one of the many business apps consumers juggle on their devices. Utilizing RCS and MaaP (Messaging as a Platform), Mavenir enables the implementation of a single API and integration that will enable the solution with a rich user experience over a clean and secure channel and will make it ready to generate revenue for any Communications Service Provider (CSP) that uses Mavenir’s Business Messaging technology.


The Future Of Business Messaging Starts Today

Facing the limitations of SMS and OTT messaging apps, businesses have been forced to create costly, customized apps to engage with customers, while customers struggle to manage multiple apps that take up space and require unique login credentials. Consumers are literally suffering from “app fatigue.”

Rich Communication Services (RCS), the next evolution of messaging, enables businesses to move away from customized apps with a technology that has the reach of SMS and the media richness and elegance of mobile apps, all on a tried-and-true secure channel.

Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) is the mediation layer that abstracts the network complexities of RCS by means of easy-to-use APIs that brands, partners, and aggregators can integrate into their business systems. MaaP provides access to 3rd party enablers from the messaging ecosystem such as chatbots, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, stickers, and other paid content, as well as mobile payments.

RCS goes beyond SMS’s limitations, with the inclusion of large file sharing, video, images, and other rich forms of communication. While RCS technology has been around since 2007, the GSMA (an association of 800 mobile network operators) is backing the Universal Profile, a standard that enables RCS messaging within a phone’s native messaging app and works across all major operators and handset manufacturers.

Now, instead of a mobile app, businesses need only a phone number (and permission to contact) to initiate two-way conversations with consumers. The GSMA reported that as of October 2020, there were 505M RCS monthly active users (MAUs). Mobilesquared currently estimates RCS to account for more than 800 MAUs and forecasts the global business messaging business to be worth USD $250 billion by 2036.

RCS opens the door for an almost unlimited number of customer engagement use cases. Airlines can share visual flight updates, terminal maps, and boarding pass right in the native messaging app.  Retail stores can utilize visual calls to action, one-click location sharing, easy to complete surveys, and can push a message with a discount coupon when a consumer is physically near a storefront.


Chatbots, a hot trend in AI (artificial intelligence) and marketing, enable two-way conversations between customers and businesses, 24×7, and provide guided responses and suggested actions that guide the customer journey, without the need for an app. Mavenir, the leading provider of RCS messaging worldwide, also provides the Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) technology that enables chatbots to operate directly in the messaging app, mimicking human conversation.

Customers can search for and discover new chatbots right from their native messaging app and can save a business chatbot in their contacts. Besides providing tremendous speed in processing user requests, chatbots have proven to increase customer loyalty. Businesses can easily share rich cards that include boarding passes, “add to calendar”, for appointments or allow escalation to a real person for support.  And by integrating chatbots with other 3rd party elements such as mobile payments and shopping carts, they can offer a complete e-commerce experience directly from the native mobile messaging application.



The COVID-19 pandemic, with its dramatic restrictions on how to engage with customers, accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years, and many of those business changes seem to be here to stay permanently. One of the technologies that has experienced increased adoption is business messaging to facilitate customer engagement.  Download the Solution Brief to learn more..

Mavenir CPaaS – Customer Engagement as a Service

Endless Use Cases

Security and Authentication

Two factor authentication, order confirmation, password resets.

Alerts and Reminders

New, updates, account status.

Location Based Offers

Restaurants, shows, special sales, promotions.

Bills and Payments

CRM systems, eCommerce, Paperless bills, pay via message, disputes.

Insurance Claims

Open claim, take photo and attach to claim, select repair location.

Customer Service

Technical support, customer care, upsell services.


Customer satisfaction, market pulse, event attendance forecasts.


Schedule, cancel, re-schedule.

Global Messaging Footprint

Mavenir Business Messaging Ecosystem

Why Partner With Mavenir and Join the Ecosystem?

Mavenir provides a secure RCS messaging solution with a global reach of 3.5B subscribers. integrated with over 300 operators worldwide, has over 37 million activated RCS clients and 21 active RCS deployments. As an industry leader in messaging, Mavenir has a 37% share of the RCS market offering aggregators and brands the opportunity to partner in a dynamic ecosystem that will grow their business by reaching customers in their native messaging app, rather than one of many business apps consumers juggle on their devices.

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