How to Add Personalization to Customer Conversations?

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Personalization is a great way to do just that. Consumers are bombarded with generic messages every day. So, when they receive a message that’s personalized, it can really make an impact. According to McKinsey, seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

Omnichannel messaging is a great way to reach out to potential customers on multiple channels. By tailoring the message to each individual channel, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. For example, a business might use a different tone on SMS and MMS than on WhatsApp. Or, it might target different age groups with different messages. The key is to personalize the message for each channel in order to reach the widest audience possible.

For this purpose, some providers of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions include tools that simplify the construction, delivery and tracking of messaging campaigns.

For example, the Mavenir CPaaS Campaign Manager is a powerful tool that enables businesses of all sizes to push out marketing campaigns, surveys or notifications to millions of customers. With easy-to-use templates, one can design a campaign within minutes and easily add personalization to the customer messages using variables. For example, one can add the customer’s name, city, purchase history or any other parameter in the customer database. This way, the messages are relevant and engaging.

Below is an example of a florist using the campaign manager to send personalized discount promotions. By taking the time to tailor the messaging to each individual customer, one can create a powerful connection that will keep customers coming back for more.

Campaign Manager template to send personalized messages.

Adding personalization to customer messages can be a great way to improve customer engagement and loyalty. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Mavenir’s CPaaS Campaign Manager can help to plan and execute a personalized campaign that resonates with target audiences. It can also help track results and adjust the strategy as needed. With its help, one can create a campaign that truly speaks to customers and helps build strong relationships with them.

To learn more about the features of Campaign Manager visit the webpage or request a demo of the product. Contact Mavenir today!

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