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Sep 03

Monetizing The Slice

Omdia’s Nicole McCormick, Senior Principal Analyst, hosted an educational and thought-provoking webinar on “5G Monetization of the Slice” with panelists Dereck Quinlan, VP of North Asia and ANZ Sales from Mavenir, and Angela Logothetis, CTO from Amdocs Open Networks.

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Energizer Drives Batteries Purchases by Increasing Mobile Engagement

Aquto by Mavenir empowers brands to be a hero to their customers by gifting them with app agnostic data. By making mobile data accessible to all, Aquto’s platform is able to significantly increase engagement between consumers and brands. Aquto’s platform was able to connect the brand, the consumer, and the mobile operator to create a unique ecosystem benefiting all parties. As a result, Energizer was able to expand their reach, hit KPI’s, and differentiate themselves from other brands in the market.


Mobile Data Rewards for Brand Engagement

Aquto by Mavenir makes mobile data accessible to all and increases mobile engagement by bringing the ecosystem of mobile operators, marketers, and app publishers together through data sponsorship. This


Mondelēz Build Brand Recall to Launch Candy Bar at Brazil

When introducing their 5Star candy bar to the Brazilian market, Mondelēz, the multinational confectionery, food and beverage company, wanted to stand out from the crowd. To find new ideas, they hosted a day long contest where marketing firms presented new ideas. Aquto won the contest by recommending giving data rewards to customers for engaging with Mondelēz on their mobiles—the “Sweet Data Rewards with 5Star” program was born.