Monetizing The Slice

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Omdia’s Nicole McCormick, Senior Principal Analyst, hosted an educational and thought-provoking webinar on “5G Monetization of the Slice” with panelists Dereck Quinlan, VP of North Asia and ANZ Sales from Mavenir, and Angela Logothetis, CTO from Amdocs Open Networks. Below is the conclusion of the conversation around how network slicing can be monetized by operators. You can read the first blog of 5G Network post here.

A recent Amdoc survey of decision makers at 50 of the world’s largest operators revealed that 72% believe network slicing is going to be game changer in customer experience. The current infrastructure in place simply cannot handle the adaptive customer experience needed over the network with real-time capacity of resources deployed. While it is too early to narrow down charging models, it is clear that network slicing will be critical for an enhanced customer experience and monetization of network usage.

GSMA, An Introduction to Network Slicing 2017

5G Network Slicing

For Enterprise, the value proposition changes based on the use case. Malls, arenas, and smart cities can all use network slicing in different ways for operators to achieve their monetization goals. Take the idea of a bank, for example. Having a wide area network (WAN) that allows the bank to have complete end-to-end security for the secure transmission of personal data is critical to the business. Operators must identify specific use cases and mission critical business needs to be able to support the end user.

The evolution to 5G is coming at the same time as a number of innovative technologies targeted at the customer experience and monetization. Enterprises need to automate ways of doing business using AI and analytics to drive that automation. This next-generation network is becoming mission-critical for enterprises to increase quality of service and enable network slicing monetization business models.

Amdocs and Mavenir are partnering around 5G innovation to make sure product portfolios deliver monetization and slicing of a 5G network. Mavenir utilizes open integration interfaces and microservices-based 5G Core architecture to show how slicing works in real life.

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