Mondelēz Build Brand Recall to Launch Candy Bar at Brazil

The Challenge

When introducing their 5Star candy bar to the Brazilian market, Mondelēz, the multinational confectionery, food and beverage company, wanted to stand out from the crowd. To find new ideas, they hosted a day long contest where marketing firms presented new ideas. Aquto won the contest by recommending giving data rewards to customers for engaging with Mondelēz on their mobiles—the “Sweet Data Rewards with 5Star” program was born.

The Approach

Mondelēz’s campaign for 5Star included a 15 second video that featured a comical image of a man in need of a 5Star candy bar.

Sweet Data Rewards customers were offered 60MB of mobile data in order to watch the entire video. After consumers watched the video, they simply entered their mobile phone number and were provided the data in real time. Over 7,500 consumers received a data reward as part of the campaign.

The Results

In order to measure the effectiveness of the Sweet Data Rewards program, rewarded users were sent a one question survey by SMS asking to rank their preferred chocolate brand. 35% of rewarded users said 5Star was their number one chocolate brand compared to only 25% of the general population—a big result for a small investment. Also of note, 46% of the rewarded customers answered the SMS survey versus only 4% of the general population, yet another example of how data rewards encourages engagement and loyalty.

Aquto’s approach is unlike traditional marketing and consumer acquisition strategies. Being able to reward our consumers with mobile data in exchange for engaging with our brand takes marketing to the next level. The benefit that we are providing our consumers will enable them to stay more engaged over mobile – clearly a win-win model for all.

Caio Colzi, Brand Manager, Mondelēz International

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