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Modernizing Contact Center To Deliver Mobile Customer Service Experiences

Cloud-Based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) for Businesses of All Sizes

An omnichannel, cloud-hosted Contact Center as-a-Service (CCaaS) solution that releases customer service teams from being bound to a desk or physical location and enables anytime, anywhere customer service. Mavenir’s CCaaS solution is ideal for businesses that want to seamlessly migrate their legacy, on-premise contact center solution to the cloud. Its flexibility and open APIs make it an attractive option for businesses that are dissatisfied with their current cloud contact center solution and want to provide modern, enhanced customer service interactions. It is offered as a white-label, brandable service in a subscription-based model. 

Future Proof Customer Engagement

Enabling A Mobile And Distributed Workforce

Today, more than ever, businesses need innovative solutions that allow their service experts flexible access regardless of their location. Businesses depending on legacy, on-premise contact centers are struggling to adapt to the new reality. 

Mavenir is addressing today’s business challenges with a new mobile customer experience capability that enables service experts to access the system remotely, using any mobile or fixed phone line for voice and a low-bandwidth web-based console for omnichannel interactions.  

It can provide a seamless migration path for businesses using older systems and can even integrate with their existing PBX systems for rapid deployment to the cloud. As a blended solution, it offers multiple options for inbound call routing (such as skills-based, time-based, priority, etc.), a complete set of outbound dialers, as well as digital interactions including social media integration. 

The open API engine can integrate with CRMs (many out of the box) and virtually any application or business tool that has an API interface. The visual IVR designer provides the do-it-yourself capability to create custom call flows. There is also robust monitoring and reporting engine for supervisors to ensure interactions are handled properly and contact centers are staffed appropriately. 

Contact Center Agents

Fast And Easy To Deploy

A Better Customer Service Experience

Enables businesses of all sizes to leverage contact center technology to enhance customer acquisition and minimize customers lost.

Omnichannel for Better Service Continuity, Customer Experience

Better Business Availability and Tracking of Customer Interactions

Flexible and Affordable for Better Expense Control

Fast and Easy to Use Software as a Service Solution with Nothing to Deploy!

Empowering a Mobile Workforce

Mavenir’s Contact Center solution provides the tools to enable distributed and flexible work arrangements that allow employees to better serve customers, whether that employee is a dedicated customer service representative or a product or service expert that provides ad-hoc customer assistance to help close a deal.

Simple IVR Builder

Build your own rules to handle incoming calls based on employee skills

Flexible Connectivity

WebRTC built-in, IP phone, route to landline or mobile, low bandwidth console


Flexible pay-as-you-grow model

Simple Integration

Connect with CRMs, AI platforms, and other tools

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor performance metrics, customer trends, etc.


Seamless customer interactions with voice, email, live chat, SMS, and social networks

White Paper

See How to Mobilize the Customer Service Experience!

Learn about the key customer engagement challenges that businesses face today and how a modern contact center solution can enable them to transform the customer service experience today and tomorrow.

Why Do Businesses Lose Customers?

No Customer Service Continuity

No link between channels. For example, callers are forced to repeat what they already requested by email.

Poor Customer Experience

90% of customers leave after poor customer service encounters.
(Entrepeneur, 2018)

No Follow-up

68% of customers leave if they feel the company is indifferent.
(SuperOffice, 2019)

What Do Businesses Need?

Intelligent Customer Engagement

Businesses, particularly SMBs, need a solution that can:

  • Improve customer experience and first call resolution
  • Enhance availability and boost customer retention
  • Give customers communication options
  • Track customer interaction to assist marketing campaigns
  • Enable expense control and costs predictability

Provide customer service continuity and self‑service options

Protect Existing Investments

Flexibility for Cloud Migrations

Mavenir’s Contact Center solution can facilitate a full migration to the cloud for all services, including endpoints and connectivity. However, unlike competing solutions that require full migration, the solution can also connect to the business’s existing IP-PBX infrastructure.

Rapid Cloud Migration

Deploy hybrid configurations for a faster transition

Limited Business Impact

Preserve your existing voice infrastructure investment

Custom Dial Plans

Enable 5-digit, 8-digit dialing for business users

Solution Brief

Contact Center as a Service

Mavenir’s Contact Center solution provides an anywhere, anytime omnichannel solution delivered from the cloud to provide businesses with a differentiated, modern, and cost-effective solution for customer engagement.

Turn Business Leads Into Customers

Automated Outbound Dialers

Businesses need to attract new customers in order to grow. Mavenir’s Contact Center solution provides a variety of dialers to meet the needs of any business looking to activate outbound sales and marketing campaigns. Since the dialers are automated, customer service representatives spend more time talking and less time spent dialing and on unanswered calls.

Preview Dialing

Let your customer service representatives see the next call in advance to be better prepared

Progressive Dialing

Automatically call a new customer as soon as your customer service representative is available again

Predictive Dialing

Filter dial tones, busy lines and voicemail, connecting the customer service representative to the customer once they have answered

Multiple Routing Options

Get Customers to the Right Person the First Time

When a customer contacts a business, eliminate bouncing them from one customer service representative to another or make them call multiple times. Mavenir’s Contact Center Solution provides multiple routing options to help with first-call resolution.

Skills Based Routing

Assign incoming calls to the most suitable subject matter expert.

Time-of-day Routing

Ensure after-hours calls are answered by on-call representatives or groups.

Queue Size

Reduce wait times by sending calls to less-busy queues.

Priority Routing

Route VIP customers or high-priority calls to managers or special employees.

Sticky Representative

Build lasting relationships by connecting the same expert for a customer.

Language Proficiency

Direct customers to experts that can help them in their own language.

Don’t Work in the Dark

Rich Analytics And Reports

How many calls are in the sales queue right now? How many active customer service representatives and subject matter experts are working with customers? What was promised to a customer yesterday? With Mavenir’s Contact Center solution, businesses have access to rich analytics and reporting – both real-time and historical– that can be analyzed to ensure better representative/expert performance and proper staffing levels.

Real-Time Dashboards and Analytics

Monitor session and representative/expert status and take action

Historical Reports

Analyze the performance over time to identify trends

Call Recording

Easily organized in the historical reports

Report Scheduler

Configure recurring reports with full granularity

Representative/Expert Monitoring

Listen to live phone calls, coach employees during difficult calls, and joining the representative on the call to speak directly to the customer

Quality Management

Analyze and grade each customer interaction to help representatives/experts improve

MAVbiz — A Framework of Integrated Solutions

Mavenir’s Contact Center offering is part of Mavenir’s framework of integrated business solutions with a focus on enabling deskless, mobile workers for businesses of all sizes—from SMB to large enterprises. It leverages decades of leadership and know-how in enabling mobile user experiences.

Mobile operators, channel partners, and their end customers can go to market quickly with a disruptive mobile contact center solution in two ways:

Mavenir CARE is an omnichannel, cloud-hosted Contact Center as-a-service solution that releases customer service teams from being bound to a desk or physical location and enables anytime, anywhere customer service.

Mavenir Engage, an integrated customer engagement as a service offering that combines CCaaS functionality with chatbots, automations, and integration with multiple mobile messaging ecosystems


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