The rise of smartphones places mobile devices at the center of people’s personal and social life and the device contains numbers, messages, photos and videos that may not be backed up. Theft of the device means precious personal data is lost or, even worse, left open to abuse. In addition, the deployment of pre-paid services where subscribers are anonymous and untraceable means that there is a ready market for stolen devices.

Mavenir’s EIR solution helps CSPs gain control over the identity of the mobile devices, and thwarting calls from stolen, or unauthorized devices.


Mavenir has one of the largest EIR install bases worldwide. Fully 5G compliant, Mavenir EIR supports all G’s, enabling not only standard 3GPP equipment control use-cases, but also becomes a core part for the device management/device detection solutions, equipment type monitoring, and anti-fraud protection.

In addition to blocking stolen devices, Mavenir’s EIR performs many other valuable functions for the CSP to retain subscribers, improve customer experience, increase brand awareness and maximize revenues.


It is a significant initiative for a CSP to actively fight theft of mobile devices, but not doing so could put the CSP at risk, becoming a target of negative publicity and poor subscriber perception.   Additionally, reducing phone theft reduces other frauds with the stolen phones which are widely used to perpetrate other scams.

The best tactic for reducing theft is to make theft a worthless activity. If it is widely understood that a stolen device will immediately be blocked, then this reduces the value of the stolen device and lowers the incentive to theft.

Mavenir’s EIR helps CSPs with equipment control and compliance by preventing malicious usage of network resources.  This could be from cloned numbers or even calls from stolen devices while allowing only those known, approved devices to access the network.


Additional services enabled by the Mavenir EIR with its built-in Device Tracker functionality include:
  • Locking subsidized mobile devices to SIM cards, ensuring tariff plans are adhered to Locking SIM cards to particular devices
  • Detect and send SMS welcome messages to roaming subscribers
  • Expose mobile equipment make and model to external service applications, for example to enable optimal transcoding or ringtones types for the handset
  • Provide fraud and market reports about subscribers and mobile devices
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Additional solutions include:



Voice Fraud, Voice Spam, and CLI Spoofing Protection


Fraud Management System

Fraud Detection Enhanced with Machine Learning


SpamShield / Messaging Fraud

Controlling Fraud, Fakes, Spoof, and Spam


Signaling Security

Prevent Interconnect Risks with Signaling Firewalls


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