Fraud detection is key for any Communications Service Provider (CSP). CSPs require a flexible fraud system that is trusted to identify both known and future frauds while protecting against potential revenue leakages. Fraud never stops, it only changes.

CSP’s can no longer rely on only rules and thresholds for fraud detection, as fraudsters themselves are using artificial intelligence to change behavior in real-time and avoid detection. With an ever-increasing data processing load, traditional rules-based systems are struggling to keep up, and in turn alerting delays are experienced with high false positives rates. Fraudsters are now utilizing techniques to take advantage of traditional Fraud Management System gaps by utilizing sophisticated and ever improving approaches to avoid detection.

Mavenir’s Fraud Management System uses real-time machine learning algorithms to identify fraud, and other anomalies by sifting through the volume of structured and unstructured data.



Mavenir’s Fraud Management System helps CSPs address subscriber detection by addressing robocalling and nuisance calls.  The system provides CSPs and their subscribers voice spam detection and prevention even when advanced CLI spoofing methods are used by fraudsters such as mirror spoofing, neighbor spoofing.

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Mavenir’s Fraud Management System helps CSPs address revenue protection.  Example types of revenue fraud include voice fraud, subscription/dealer fraud, data fraud, roaming fraud and wholesale fraud. With AI and real-time ML each type of fraud can swiftly be addressed based on unique fraud types:

  • Voice fraud ( Revenue Share, IRSF, Wangiri) is addressed with real-time ML and rules support for automatic blocking.
  • Subscription/dealer fraud: Subscription fraud is addressed and blocked by predicting at connection time using ML predictive analytics, and dealer fraud is identified and blocked post connection.
  • Data fraud is detected and blocked for data charging bypass by searching for malicious and accidental methods such as DNS abuse, accidental zero ratings, incorrect camel flags and protocol tunnelling.
  • Roaming fraud is detected and blocked for frauds committed while roaming, including NRTDE files in the roaming network.
  • Wholesale fraud is detected and blocked at the international wholesale carrier level, built to address wholesale specific demands.


Mavenir software design principles focus on cloud-native virtualization techniques, hardware independence, and network function virtualization (NFV).

Mavenir Fraud Management System can be delivered as:

  • Turn-key solution, including the hardware sized accordingly to the capacity requirements.
  • Virtualized, deployment into the virtual environment of the CSP.
  • NFV – as virtual functions deployed and integrated into CSP’s NFV environment.
  • Cloud-native – Fully containerized deployment compatible with standard Cloud environments.
  • Cloud service – When possible, according to the local regulation and privacy rules, Mavenir can support Software as a Service (SaaS).

Integration into the specific CSP network environment is performed by the Mavenir deployment team where exact integration points, interfaces and protocols are defined on initial project stages. Integration could go beyond technical concepts,  into the CSPs processes and business flow to ensure consistent operation of the network as well as integration into essential customer service processes.


In addition to state-of-the-art system support, Mavenir can offer different levels of full system operational service. CSPs can leverage the global threat intelligence of Mavenir’s SMART team and their global expertise in understanding attack and threat signatures to protect, detect and respond to threats, staying up to date with the latest protection techniques. These services range from the regular ML module validation, through the regular system audits and alert reporting, all the way into the full managed service integrated into a carrier’s process.

Mavenir’s well-established SMART team of security researchers and data analysts are dedicated to discovering and mitigating new threats and malicious activity.


Additional solutions include:



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