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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face an increasing, ever-changing flow of spam and fraud traffic that is difficult to detect and control. It is estimated that between 5% -20% of all SMS messages are spam or fraud related1. Messaging is an ideal communication channel, with real-time notification to subscribers.  Because this is an almost immediate communication method, it attracts fraudsters who are constantly inventing new and different phishing scenarios.  In the last few years, multiple geographies have been attacked by malware like Flubot.

Subscribers exposed to fraudulent traffic have a poor end-user experience, causing significant revenue loss with missed opportunities for selling Application to Person (A2P) value-added services. By improving the effectiveness and timeliness of threat detection and responses with Mavenir’s AI-based SpamShield, CSPs can reduce the potential of harmful security events and keep revenue streams flowing.

Governments in the geographies are sending alerts on Flubot: Banking Malware, Android Phones, Flubot Scam

Protect Subscribers with SpamShield

Application 2 Person (A2P) text messages are a form of revenue for the CSPs and selling value-added services. While the revenue aspect of A2P is a boon for CSPs, it is estimated that between 5% -20% of all SMS messages are spam or fraud related2. Subscribers exposed to fraudulent traffic have a poor end-user experience, causing significant revenue loss with missed opportunities and compromising the channel for selling (A2P) value-added services.

By improving the effectiveness and timeliness of threat detection and responses with Mavenir’s ML-based SpamShield, CSP customers can feel comfortable knowing they are protected with innovative, flexible, rules-based technology where spammers are blocked automatically.  SpamShield addresses all major security use cases for messaging channel control for SMS, MMS and RCS messaging protocols.

Protect Revenue with SpamShield

Enterprises and aggregators trying to minimize their messaging termination fees may attempt to load balance message deliveries between the official A2P connections and other channels. In extreme cases, SIM boxes, Application farms or SS7 by-pass methods could also be used to terminate official A2P campaigns resulting in a total revenue loss of these messages to the CSP. Grey routes and revenue bypass campaigns also affect the CSP’s bottom line.

SpamShield helps protect these revenues by preventing gray routes and ensuring that the application messages being transmitted to their customers are delivered on fully correct, monetized routes. The solution helps CSPs block malicious messages targeting their customers by analyzing the routes and looking for campaigns with malicious content.  With the implementation of SpamShield, CSPs will see a positive impact on customer satisfaction as they successfully block as much as 90% of spam and fraudulent messages, giving their customers a trusted channel for A2P value-added services.

Manage Network Interconnect Costs

Unsolicited, fraudulent messages are not only harmful to the CSP subscribers, but they also often cause excessive costs to the CSPs in a form of interconnect fees. Large numbers of messages distributed from the SIM boxes or compromised phones by messaging malware cause increased termination fees (national or international) and the impact can go beyond USD$500K on a monthly basis for a Tier 1 CSP.

SpamShield technology detects and blocks malicious and fraudulent messages which helps CSPs save on interconnect costs.

Analysis and Defense with SpamShield

 Mavenir’s SpamShield technology and machine learning can be deployed to carry out automated security analysis and defense. The SpamShield solution provides CSPs with 360-degree control to effectively address specific situations within their networks with speed and flexibility unrivaled by other market solutions.

The unique and innovative SpamShield solution uses real-time AI/machine learning technology with unique message fingerprinting algorithms that enable automatic detection of messaging fraud scenarios and even sophisticated by-pass methods used by the grey aggregators and fraudsters. While other vendor solutions must define rules and policies to perform detection and must know the attack vector, SpamShield will detect an attack vector automatically using finely-tuned algorithms that adapt to the current network conditions and subscriber behavior to stop spammers and fraudsters in real-time.

Real-Time Detection with AI/Machine Learning and SpamShield

Spam detection technology used by Mavenir is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) principles and Machine Learning (ML) developed with a detailed understanding of the subject area, specially tuned for real-time detection. Traditional detection and prevention techniques are based on deterministic rules that are easily detected and bypassed by spammers and fraudsters. SpamShield AI/ML detection algorithms adapt to current network conditions and subscriber behavior to continually detect spammer and fraudster attempts.

SpamShield’s advanced correlation techniques with external learning feeds include a spam reporting service, centralized spam database, hyperlink reputation statistics and call-back number reputation, all of which enable real-time prevention of malicious campaigns. AI/ML techniques implemented in SpamShield address traditional text-based messaging and multimedia content used in Rich Communications Services (RCS).

Mavenir SMART (Security Management and Response Team) Services

Mavenir’s well-established SMART team of security researchers and data analysts are dedicated to discovering and mitigating new threats and malicious activity.

CSPs can leverage the global threat intelligence of Mavenir’s SMART team and their global expertise in understanding attack and threat signatures to protect, detect and respond to threats, staying up to date with the latest protection techniques.

 1 Mavenir, GSMA

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