Signaling Security


Prevent Interconnect Risks with Signaling Firewalls

Over the past few years, the size of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks doubled, and the number and combination of attack vectors increased significantly. In 2020, 809 million packets per second (Mpps) attack hit a banking organization, making the event the largest packet per second attack ever recorded. Critical services and applications in every industry are rich targets and leave them exposed to downtime and diminished performance if the infrastructure isn’t protected. Attacks can also include hijacking of subscriber equipment, phone call tapping, location tracking, two-factor authentication message interception and additional attack scenarios.

To successfully mitigate these types of attacks, CSPs must deploy proactive controls with real-time machine learning to identify and stop them without impacting legitimate traffic. Deployment of the Mavenir Signaling Firewall helps CSP’s strengthen their security posture as part of their overall robust security strategy. With real-time ML, Mavenir’s Signaling Firewall protection gives CSP’s a 360-degree view of their network, to quickly identify and mitigate malicious traffic without impacts to legitimate network traffic.

Protect the Network, Protect Revenue and Identify Attacks in Real-Time

Mavenir has a multi-year track record in core network solutions for CSPs. Mavenir Signaling Firewalls have native support for multiple integration scenarios into existing core networks enabling real-time active attack detection and prevention.  

Mavenir Signaling Firewall products are fully GSMA compliant, have a low hardware footprint, directly integrate into Mavenir analytics and anti-fraud modules. The Signaling Firewall implements Machine Learning (ML) technology which enables detection of any changes in network behavior and allows alerts to be raised and rogue network elements to be blocked.

Mavenir Signaling Firewall products can protect from security exposures like Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on signaling network elements, DoS attacks on subscriber equipment, phone call tapping, location tracking, two-factor authentication message interception, and other scenarios mentioned in corresponding GSMA recommendations, such as FS.07, FS11, FS19, FS.20, FS.21, IR.82, IR.88 enabling roaming and interconnect security.

Signaling Firewall products are also used for a number of revenue assurance use-cases, e.g. prevention of messaging Application-to-Person (A2P) gray-routes caused by home routing solutions by-pass techniques or direct message delivery based on global signaling network access through Global Title leasing.

Signaling Firewall from Mavenir Addresses:

  • Protection of subscriber sensitive data (e.g., network identifiers like IMSI)
  • Prevention of subscriber location tracking by an attacker
  • Detect and prevent voice call interception attempts
  • Detect and prevent SMS interception
  • Prevention DoS attacks on the subscribers
  • Malicious packet detection
  • DoS attacks on operator equipment prevention
  • Discovery of the new threat vectors through traffic profiling and ML

Mavenir’s Signaling Firewall products are state-of-the-art and part of the Fraud and Security threat and detection portfolio of services, helping CSPs protect against malicious attacks. 

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