Signaling Security

Signaling Security is Assured by a Set of Signaling Firewall Products

Mavenir Signaling Firewall products are fully GSMA compliant, have a low hardware footprint, directly integrate into Mavenir analytics and anti-fraud modules, and implement Machine Learning (ML) technology which enables detection of any changes in network behavior and allows alerts to be raised and rogue network elements to be blocked.

Signaling Security


Mavenir Signaling Firewall products can protect from security exposures like Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on signaling network elements, DoS attacks on subscriber equipment, phone call tapping, location tracking, two-factor authentication message interception, and other scenarios mentioned in corresponding GSMA recommendations, such as FS.07, FS11, FS19, FS.20, FS.21, IR.82, IR.88 enabling roaming and interconnect security. They are also used for a number of revenue assurance use-cases, e.g. prevention of messaging Application-to-Person (A2P) grey-routes caused by home routing solutions by-pass techniques or direct message delivery based on global signaling network access through Global Title leasing.

Mavenir Signaling Firewalls Address:

  • Protection of subscriber sensitive data (e.g. network identifiers like IMSI)
  • Prevention of subscriber location tracking by an attacker
  • Detect and prevent voice call interception attempts
  • Detect and prevent SMS interception
  • Prevention DoS attacks on the subscribers
  • Malicious packet detection
  • DoS attacks on operator equipment prevention
  • Discovery of the new threat vectors through traffic profiling and ML
Mavenir has a multi-year track record in core network solutions for mobile operators. Mavenir Firewalls have native support for multiple integration scenarios into existing core networks of mobile operators enabling real-time active attack detection and prevention.The majority of the signaling firewalls on the market are leveraging off-the-shelf signaling stack products and libraries and  differ only by the visual configuration and management interface, while sharing all the limitations of the 3rd party signaling stack enablers common to the majority of mobile operator equipment. This represents significant risk to mobile operators relying on such security solutions, as a single attack might expose multiple networks worldwide without timely remedy.Mavenir’s IRP and flexibility in signaling stacks ensure the complete multi-layer signaling interconnect protection representing no additional dependencies and preventing common signaling stack exploitation scenarios. R&D investments into product improvements and security research ensures up to date level of protection through software innovation and policy/security signature updates provided as respective service to Mavenir customers.

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