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Jan 16

Legacy Versus Open RAN: Power Consumption In 5G Radios

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) is picking up traction and commercial interest in 2023, with multiple operators actively considering the technology for their new and existing 5G networks. Whilst, 5G deployments have matured and mobile operators are looking toward the next wave of monetization, sustainability is becoming a critical topic and is now part of the criteria for vendor selection.

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Realizing the Gains of Versatile Wi-Fi

This whitepaper explores how CSPs can successfully optimize their network investments by extending wireless coverage and voice service reach using available private and public Wi-Fi networks.


Is Open vRAN Power Efficient?

Recent trials in live networks by ABI Research have demonstrated that a non-RT RIC rApp for switching radios ‘on and off’ can provide as high as 15% to 20% gain.


A Holistic Study of Power Consumption and Energy Savings Strategies for Open vRAN Systems

This white paper examines the implementation aspects of cloud-native virtualized Open RAN systems powered by Intel x86-based commercial servers and containerized and highly optimized RAN software developed by Mavenir and Intel, as well as strategies and technologies that are incorporated or are under development to optimize the overall system power consumption and to ensure energy efficiency across various network components and the network are described.


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