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Mobile Enterprise Communications for SMBs

The Industry’s Only Mobile Enterprise Communications Solution for SMB

  • A cloud-based, carrier-grade UCaaS solution delivered from the Mavenir cloud
  • Enables mobile network operators to leverage existing mobile network infrastructure investments
  • Offers a fully-featured and highly-secure service from any mobile device, designed specifically for the SMB market

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have been limited to offering conventional UCC solutions designed for a desk phone, augmented with mobile add-ons or apps that use the mobile network as a best-effort data tunnel to the wireline infrastructure. The SMB market wants a frictionless, consumer-like experience that lets them call and message external customers on the go.

Mavenir’s solution is built around the mobile user experience, uniquely leveraging the mobile network to guarantee the quality of service for enterprise voice, video, and collaboration services, and then integrates the enterprise desktop communications and collaboration usage scenario, making it unique and distinct from traditional cloud PBX or OTT UCC offerings.

Mobile Enterprise Communications for the MNO

MNOs are under pressure in the consumer market with flat growth, an intensive price war on voice, and data plans and fierce competition from OTT applications. The enterprise UCC market offers a better outlook with higher ARPU and stickiness and is expected to grow 15.2% CAGR[i] until 2021.

Mavenir’s solution leverages the capabilities of our existing solutions and unique network expertise to deliver an integrated and seamless mobile-native user experience that is ideal for the SMB users — which are predominantly mobile. It includes high-quality voice and video as well as rich messaging and collaboration with contextual flow, providing the benefits of a UCC solution but on any device — phone, tablet or computer — regardless of location or network.

Advantages to the MNO:

  • Grow revenue by addressing the untapped SMB market with a unique mobile native solution
  • Reuse existing 3G/4G, IMSVoice Evolution, and RCS network assets
  • Provide universal messaging reach with RCS based messaging (all mobile-native UCC numbers are also SMS enabled)
  • Differentiate with unmatched Quality of Service — uses LTE’s guaranteed bit rate QoS class identifiers to prioritize voice, video, and collaboration traffic over any other network traffic. (whereas conventional UCaaS offerings can only do their best effort over a shared IP connection)
  • Expand A2P and B2C revenue by integrating chatbots and Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) use cases
  • Enhance customer acquisition, customer retention, and revenue/ARPU growth strategies
  • Enable “freemium” business models by subsidizing the service with paid advertising
  • Contain costs with pay-as-you-grow Opex models — with minimal to no OSS/BSS integration

Start differentiating and leveraging your mobile network assets and stop reselling UCC solutions that compete for your business with Mavenir’s Mobile Enterprise Communications solution!

Mobility for Small and Medium Business

Work styles and employee interpersonal collaborations are becoming virtual, mobile, distributed, and social, thus making conventional UCC solutions unsuitable for the modern environment. Mavenir’s Mobile Enterprise solution provides multiple benefits for the “highly mobile” business users:

  • Frictionless, consumer experience — preinstalled by carrier on a mobile phone or via app download; enter credentials and go. There is no learning curve
  • End-user experience built primarily on the smartphone with desk phones being a secondary device, if at all
  • Business mobile number on any device —smartphones, tablets, personal computer, or even a web client. No more drama when an employee leaves the mobile at home
  • Multiple IDs — no more juggling two mobile phones – business and personal calls on the same device, temporary IDs and group numbers
  • Messaging with any mobile phone in the world — no more Instant Messaging walled-garden. Uses the ubiquitous mobile messaging platform
  • High definition audio and video — more efficient business interactions and better customer service
  • Unmatched quality of service — no more voice jitter or video freezes while downloading attachments
  • Ability to attend online meetings from mobile devices, without having to forego screen sharing or whiteboarding functionality
  • Seamless handover between Wi-Fi and your carrier’s LTE network
  • Cost consolidation — facilitates bring your own device (BYOD) adoption and doesn’t require expensive IP desk phones (but will work with one if you need it)
  • Cost efficiency — pay as you grow Opex with an affordable monthly fee

[i] Gartner Unified Communications Forecast 2017Q2

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