Mavenir Takes Open RAN Vendor Crown

Mavenir is the vendor most widely regarded by network operator executives as an Open RAN market leader, according to the results of a survey conducted by TelecomTV that have just been published in their latest DSP Leaders Report, the Open RAN Market Perception Report.

TelecomTV conducted an Open RAN perception survey of network operators during March, asking them a number of questions about their views of the Open RAN sector: The respondents represent more than 35 network operators from Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Latin America that collectively serve more than 1.5 billion customers across their group operations.

Mavenir, which is involved in some of the most high-profile deployments, including Dish Network in the US, and Deutsche Telekom in Europe among many others, was identified as an Open RAN vendor market leader by 71% of TelecomTV respondents, some way ahead of second-placed Rakuten Symphony, which attracted votes from 57% of the network operator respondents.

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