Paradise Boasts of 1Gbit/s Open RAN 5G Network

Paradise Mobile CEO Sam Tabbara has a message for the global mobile market: Open RAN works. And it works well.

In early December Paradise Mobile launched a commercial 5G network in Bermuda built on open radio access network (RAN) components from Mavenir and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The operator’s promise: to build the world’s fastest, most advanced 5G network.

Recent testing shows the company’s peak network speeds reaching 1 Gbit/s, and Tabbara expects those figures to rise to 2 Gbit/s in the coming months as Paradise fleshes out its offering. Those speeds are faster than the speeds provided by Bermuda’s incumbent operators, which largely run traditional RANs.

Tabbara offered a specific shoutout to Mavenir for quickly issuing upgrades and updates to improve the Paradise network. For example, Tabbara said that Mavenir’s implementation of beamforming is helping to significantly increase speeds for Paradise Mobile’s customers.

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