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Monetizing Untapped SMS/MMS and Data Traffic

Mobile operators are under intense pressure to meet capacity demand while launching innovative, revenue-generating services. Mavenir’s portfolio of Monetization Solutions is focused on enabling CSPs to rejuvenate the Prepaid market and monetize their messaging and data services, leading to new revenue streams, higher ARPU, and increased subscriber engagement and loyalty.

Mavenir provides different innovative monetization solutions that allow CSPs to make the most out of their network investments:

Sponsored Data and Data Rewards

Mavenir makes mobile data accessible to all and increases mobile engagement by bringing the ecosystem of mobile operators, marketers and application publishers together through data sponsorship.

Mavenir’s solution enables operators to unlock new mobile data monetization opportunities by offering 3rd-party sponsors the ability to pay, either directly or indirectly, for specific traffic on behalf of the subscriber.

Sponsored Data

Allows users to engage with brands content free of charge. Users can watch brand videos, listen to podcast, download brand content and other brand related items and the data traffic will not be counted in their subscribed data allowances.

Data Rewards

Allow brands to reward subscribers with free mobile bundles in exchange for consuming specific content or engaging with the sponsor. For example, a brand can reward a consumer with 100MB of data for watching a video, answering a survey about a product, participating in a promotion, and many more use cases. After the action is fulfilled, Mavenir’s Sponsored Data Platform confirms the purchase of the 100MB data bundle, charges it to the brand’s account and instructs the mobile operator network to add the data to the consumers mobile subscription.

Mavenir removes the barrier of the slow, painful process of bringing on a new sponsor by automating the process of on-boarding, provisioning, reporting, billing and providing all the tools necessary to the sponsors. Eliminating complexity ensures a successful sponsorship campaign.

With expertise in both the carrier space with its plethora of acronyms for complex charging, policy and gateway systems, as well as comprehensive capabilities in the mobile app, commerce and marketing domain, Mavenir is uniquely positioned as the ‘go-to’ partner for sponsored data.

To learn more about Mavenir’s Sponsored Data Platform download the solution brief.



Collect SMS/MMS and Data

Collect SMS and Collect MMS enable operators to monetize untapped P2P messaging traffic by allowing prepaid subscribers to send messages during ‘no credit’ periods to a receiver who is willing to pay for the message.

Collect Data enables operators to monetize untapped data traffic by allowing prepaid subscribers to request a receiver to pay for additions to their data plan.

Business Messaging Monetization

Part of the MAVbiz portfolio of enterprise communications, Mavenir Business Messaging Monetization is a multi-channel mobile messaging offering that delivers RCS Business Messaging combined with advanced customer engagement capabilities, such as campaign manager, templated chatbots, visual flow builder, mobile payment integration, chatbot-to-person live transfer, and more.

To learn more visit Mavenir’s Business Messaging Monetization page.

Helping Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Maximize ARPU

Prepaid subscribers typically exhaust their account credits before they top up, leaving them with zero balance while still needing to communicate. The duration that prepaid subscribers are with zero balance is significant. For operators, this translates into a huge potential revenue loss, as millions of messages are not delivered or sent due to lack of credit.

For MNOs, every user that spends any time without credit is a potential revenue opportunity, as their desire to send messages or use mobile data will remain strong whatever their level of credit. Fortunately, subscribers can still send messages during ‘no credit’ periods using Collect SMS/MMS/Data, where the receiver pays for the message or a certain data allowance. This enables mobile operators to generate additional revenue and ARPU from their prepaid subscribers.

The service is available on a revenue share or capex basis, and with flexible delivery mechanisms in the MNO’s network or cloud, or as a service from Mavenir’s cloud.

Operator Benefits

  • Grow messaging revenues by monetizing untapped P2P SMS, P2P MMS and mobile data traffic
  • Automatically offered in case of no credit
  • Powerful reporting on uptake and service success rate
  • Innovative SMS / MMS / Data charging options
  • Prefix activated or automatic (initiated by the network), no subscriber activation required
  • Flexible commercial models

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