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How Is Generative AI Changing the Security Landscape

Gen AI is a new tool and era that demands new expertise and approaches. The need to oversee problems holistically, understand attack mechanics, and approach issues creatively is crucial for protecting networks.


What To Know About Security In Open RAN Technology

Published as part of the Forbes Technology Council series. Open RAN (ORAN) has been a key area of innovation in the telecommunications industry in recent years. Open RAN disaggregates the radio access network (RAN) and enables a modular architecture with open interfaces. RAN disaggregation permits faster innovation, lower operating expenses for operators and unique ways to optimize…


Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP)

The Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) is an essential 5G Core Network Function that provides protection for signaling exchange between roaming Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) at the 5G interconnect control plane level.


Evolving 5G Security for the Cloud

Download this 5G Americas white paper, “Evolving 5G Security for the Cloud,” that covers security threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations for deployments of 5G cloud infrastructures as new services and use cases are developed.