Mavenir Open vRAN Solution Wins Fierce Telecom Innovation Award

Next-Gen Deployment of world’s first fully containerized, Open virtualized RAN

Richardson, TX – Dec 16th 2021: Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, adds the 2021 Fierce Telecom Innovation Next-Gen Deployment Wireless award for its Open vRAN solution.

The award is in recognition of Mavenir’s success in deploying the world’s first fully containerized, Open RAN solution that works on open interfaces supporting O-RAN Split Option 7.2x and 3GPP Split Option 2. The Mavenir solution leverages open interfaces, virtualization, and web-scale containerization to support any cloud deployment – Public, Private, or Hybrid – expected to result in a 37% savings in TCO over 5 years[1]. The solution also incorporates support for massive MIMO, mmWave, edge micro services and 5G slicing. In addition, Mavenir’s Open vRAN supports the world’s first containerized architecture for 2G which runs on the same network with 4G/5G.

Commenting on the award, Bejoy Pankajakshan, Mavenir’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, said: “Mavenir’s Open vRAN has successfully been adopted by brownfield and greenfield tier-1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs), enabling them with the freedom to select vendors, features, or timing, and then quickly and easily deploy on their network. Because Mavenir’s fully containerized Open vRAN solution is open, interoperable and software driven, CSPs can rapidly deploy new features into the network, without waiting for new hardware revisions, or even having to forklift the hardware. Migration to 5G is just a software update, and operators can customize their own software and put features of their choice in their network. This is the future for network transformation.”

The vRAN solution is architected for multi-G (2G/3G/4G/5G), allowing for significant cost reduction now while 5G business cases get established. With the open interfaces of Mavenir’s Open vRAN, as well as virtualization and web-scale containerization, the solution has the flexibility to support various deployment scenarios – including Public Cloud, Private Cloud and at the remote radio unit (RRU) site. It can also support massive MIMO, mmWave, edge micro services and network slicing for 5G NR.

Mavenir has a significant number of Tier-1 Open vRAN customers across the globe, including:

  • Mavenir’s Open vRAN solution deployed as part of the world’s first fully containerized O-RAN compliant 5GNR Standalone FDD by DISH
  • Mavenir has successfully deployed the world’s first fully containerized, virtualized Open RAN Split 7.2 architecture that has been implemented by Turkcell, Turkey’s leading digital operator.
  • Mavenir has achieved the first Open vRAN integrated with massive MIMO (mMIMO) Active Antenna Units (AAU), as part of Deutsche Telekom’s initiative, “O-RAN Town”.

These and other commercial deployments as well as a host of advanced Open RAN trials, illustrate Mavenir’s commitment to innovation and continued excellence as a pioneer in fully open end-to-end cloud-native networks.

This award is testament that Mavenir’s cloud-native, software driven approach future-proofs the architecture for its CSP customers enabling the network to handle the demands of 5G and beyond.

[1] Source: Senza Fili Research: co-sponsored white paper from Monica Paolini at Senza Fili and Mavenir details how moving to a 5G Core now can reduce TCO by up to 36%.
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