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Bringing Together Scalable, Efficient, and Modular Radios to Meet Growth and Network Demands

Demands on the network are increasing, and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) must create high-performance networks that can accommodate a wide range of frequencies and configurations to provide a positive user experience. New use cases and scarce spectrum resources have placed tremendous pressure on CSPs to make the most efficient use of their allocated radio spectrum. 

CSPs are seeking new ways to flexibly design networks, dynamically scale network capacity, expand service coverage, rapidly deploy new services, and improve the overall user experience while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Mavenir Builds the Future of Networks

High-performing wireless networks are built to deliver a strong user experience and optimized for the lowest total cost of ownership. This is done by layering and interleaving different classes of radio products that complement each other, with the essential tools to build high-performance networks.

OpenBeam’s innovative radio portfolio is specifically designed for the growing needs of CSPs with agile, cost-efficient, intelligent radios to meet critical demands on the network now, and as the network changes and expands.  The radio solutions can be used for a wide range of use cases, including basic coverage across all frequency bands, outdoor small cells, urban and rural.

In addition, Mavenir provides a comprehensive portfolio of small cells and in-building solutions. Mavenir’s expanded small cells solutions, present a future-proof way of building networks that ensures interoperability, vendor competition, element security, and reduced operating costs across the RAN.

The OpenBeam Radio Portfolio

Mavenir’s robust set of radio options address the needs of the CSPs to be agile and cost-efficient with low power consumption, low wind load, and built with integrated intelligence and automation.  Designed for the growing needs of private enterprises to public networks, the portfolio supports both new and legacy radio access technologies.  All radios have a modular design, using proven technology to support both beamforming and multi-band needs.

Remote Radio Units (RRUs) are the mainstays of wireless networks providing basic coverage across all the frequency bands. High power and lower power RRU for macro and micro coverage scenarios in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum across TDD and FDD bands. Deployable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Macro RRUs

Mavenir provides single band and multiband products across TDD and FDD frequencies. 8T8R TDD RRU is a versatile radio platform providing flexibility to serve many deployment options. The radios are 5G ready with high output power to maximize coverage.

Micro RRUs

The Mavenir outdoor small cell radio is a compact (5L), low-power (5W/path), high-performance (4T4R) solution that is easy to deploy and suitable for microcell deployments that complement macro cell coverage.

Massive MIMO Active Antenna

Boost 5G capabilities with Mavenir massive MIMO active antennas that improve spectral efficiency and are deployable in a wide range of use cases – from urban to rural areas. Small and lightweight, the 32TRX and 64TRX industry-leading AAUs are built for high performance, with wide bandwidths up to 400MHz, and have intelligent power-saving features.


5G mmWave Active Antenna

Exploit high-capacity spectrum and low latency characteristics with 5G mmWave technology. Ideal for fixed wireless access and Industry 4.0 applications that require high throughput and low latency connectivity. Harness the potential to meet increasing global demands for high-quality connectivity for indoor and outdoor use cases with 5G mmWave.

Mavenir’s mmWave outdoor radio is the industry’s best in class, lightest and smallest high-power mmWave active antenna unit covering TDD frequencies above 24GHz and delivers multi-gigabit speeds over the air.

Mavenir’s Radio Partner Ecosystem

With a strong Open RAN ecosystem of partners, Mavenir provides new possibilities for CSPs to have truly open, best-of-breed solutions as they move to 5G and beyond. Mavenir and its partners continue to develop radios based on O-RAN open interfaces that address the frequencies of Tier 1 and regional/rural CSPs. Together, with its partners, Mavenir has developed the largest Open RAN radio portfolio.

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