5G will only accelerate the volume and variety of data traffic further, shattering legacy service delivery models and impacting the network economics. For consumers, this is a welcome addition as they want and need more data.

For mobile operators, they face the technical test of squeezing vastly more data into a much faster and more efficient, yet less expensive, pipe. Transitioning to the 5G network requires significant investment in new infrastructures with new capabilities, such as edge computing to be closer to the users and network slicing to effectively and efficiently utilize resources. 5G means higher bandwidth, lower latency, and more capacity, but getting there will need a considerable increase in capital expenditure than carriers currently spend.

With software assets that are natively designed for cloud environments, Mavenir is the leader of a new breed of independent network software suppliers that is delivering the innovation, agility and cost-savings mobile operators need to survive. By delivering end-to-end virtualized solutions from the core to the edge, Mavenir is redefining mobile network economics and is poised to disrupt the traditional equipment providers as a result, while helping operators succeed and deliver value in the 5G age.

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