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Nov 08

Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP)

The Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) is an essential 5G Core Network Function that provides protection for signaling exchange between roaming Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) at the 5G interconnect control plane level.

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Securing 5G Signaling for Roaming (SEPP)

Interconnection and roaming are critical for mobile operators but the use of HTTP/2 based signaling in 5G networks requires a specific approach when connecting to other networks. Learn the mechanisms defined by 3GPP to secure inter-PLMN signaling and traffic on 5G interconnections and how Mavenir’s Secure Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) protects the edge of the MNO’s core network and facilitates roaming use cases.


Open RAN Architecture

ln this Mobile World Live Unwrapped interview with Sasha Twining, Mavenir’s President and CEO, Pardeep Kohli, discussed Open RAN Architecture, the future of Mavenir and the telecom industry as a whole.


Mavenir x Intel Open RAN Partnership

Mavenir partners with Intel on many products including Converged Packet Core, Open RAN, AI & Analytics and Security. Using the Intel FLEX solution set has helped reduce TCO by up to 40% – it’s about co-innovation opportunities.


Open RAN: Democratizing Network Access

Open RAN is bridging developing markets and underserved areas with network access. For MNOs it is an opportunity to experiment with new vendors and architectures, open new business opportunities but also find a new purpose to Open RAN.


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