How Businesses can Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Flexible Staffing Levels – Part Two

A previous blog post discussed the ongoing challenge of balancing customer satisfaction and contact center resourcing. Legacy contact center solutions struggle to meet the constant change in demands. Their capacity and feature sets were defined when they were first installed and may be very different from the current business needsthey did not account for a pandemic, a hurricane, or significant disruption to the business workforce. 

Fortunately, today’s modern contact center solutions can provide businesses with the flexibility they need to adapt quickly to unexpected changes in demand, as well as seasonal spikes. 

Addressing Changes in Demand

One of the critical elements of any contact center solution is reporting and analytics. Today’s contact center asaservice (CCaaS) solutions provide a complete set of real-time and historical metrics. Armed with this information, supervisors will always have a view of how well their campaigns and service representatives are performing. Utilizing statistics such as call abandonment rate, call volume, and representative utilization, dimensioning staffing needs can become a simple process. 

For situations that require immediate long-term resourcing changes, many modern CCaaS solutions provide simple, flexible billing models. This enables the business to ramp up as needed quickly and then ramp down once the situation is resolved. 

Addressing Needs for Flexible Staffing

For immediate, short-term resourcing changessome CCaaS vendors can provide access through a WebRTC-based clientService representatives can access the system from any location, at any time. Removing the dependency on physical location can allow businesses to use existing resources for a short time.  

Although representatives can access the system simply by having an Internet connection, the customer experience can suffer if there is limited bandwidth for audio calls. Representatives without access to dependable, high-bandwidth connectivity, or those who may share that bandwidth with their family can struggle to provide quality interactions. In these situationsmany solutions can forward calls to a service representative’s home or mobile phone.  

While this can enhance availability to handle interactions, this does not integrate with the contact center’s monitoring and reporting systems. Businesses lose insight when calls leave the system. They have no way to know if the call was answered, if the problem was solved, or whether the call details (such as answer time and handle time) met the defined service level agreements (SLAs) for the contact center. And on the representatives’ side, there is no control of when calls can and cannot be sent to them. 

Addressing Demand and Staffing with a Modern Contact Center

Businesses struggling to ensure customer issues are handled efficiently by service representatives can turn to a modern, flexible CCaaS solution—such as Mavenir’s Mobile Business Contact—that is designed specifically designed for flexibility, scalability, and decentralization. For example, Mavenir’s comprehensive reporting system tracks every detail of each conversation, including those that are routed to a phone number outside the business voice infrastructure. Businesses no longer have to worry about what happens to calls that leave the system; they remain anchored in the solution for real-time and historical reporting. Monitoring is also guaranteed, allowing supervisors to barge into customer calls to assist new agents or deescalate complicated conversations. 

Mavenir’s unique Mobile Customer Service experience provides flexibility for representatives to choose how to receive their calls. Since they actually log in to the system, they can control when they receive their calls as well. If they have a computer available, the system will still provide access to call controls and CRM screen pops. That way, the customer service experience will not suffer. 

This level of flexibility is perfect for businesses, as they continually adapt to unpredictable changes in customer demand, and they can offer it while keeping costs optimized and with a solution that evolves in the cloud to provide the latest and greatest feature set over time. 

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