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Business Communications Solutions for Channel Partners

Mavenir enables channel partners to modernize the business communication experience for businesses of all sizes with MAVbiz. It disrupts the industry convention

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17 March 2022

Mavenir Announces Business Communications Portfolio

Mavenir launches a complete SaaS portfolio of business communications for Communications Service Providers, Channels and Systems Integrators.

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10 March 2022

Mavenir and Crexendo Partner to Expand the Business Communications Offerings for CSPs, Channels and SIs

Mavenir growing an expanded portfolio of business services and advanced capabilities.

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08 October 2019

Mavenir Introduces Mobile Business Fabric™ to Transform Business Communications for Deskless Mobile Workers

Enables Communications Service Providers and Partners to Deliver Disruptive Mobile-Native User Experiences that Allow Businesses to Collaborate and Interact with Customers from


07 October 2019


Sometimes, we don’t realize how much of an impact technology has on our lives. When an innovation makes our tasks easier, we quickly find ways to integrate


15 October 2019

Communications and Collaboration

As the worldwide wireless market growth slows year over year, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) seek new revenue opportunities, not through attracting new


27 March 2019

Mobile Network Operators Have the Edge When It Comes to Unified Communications

With lagging growth opportunities in the consumer segment, MNOs seek new revenue opportunities on the business segment and, specifically, the Unified Communications


18 April 2022

Five Benefits of a Multi-Vendor Telecommunications Environment Enabled by a Service-Based Architecture

See how this new, more flexible architectural foundation brings a multi-vendor choice, allowing CSPs to avoid lock-in. SBA and cloud-native infrastructure expedite new business opportunities and empower 5G networks to interoperate and integrate with multiple vendors using various interfaces and standard communication methods.


28 January 2022

Fueling the Digital Marketplace with Super Apps and New Business Opportunities

See where initiatives such as a Super App will lead as CSP Digital Marketplaces grow in the future. Find the value a Digital Marketplace can bring with exciting possibilities such as Super Apps and a Global Marketplace.


21 May 2021

How Standards-Based AI-Powered Analytics Drive Network Automation and Business for CSPs

As CSPs embark on a journey to transform themselves into Digital Service Providers (DSPs), a key enabler for success will be network automation powered by Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) as part of 5G deployments.