Open RAN: Mature and Ready for Deployment

Open RAN: Mature and Ready for Deployment

While the Open RAN momentum is continuously growing, most recently bolstered by the MoU among EU operators, traditional vendors have trouble deciding whether Open RAN is a serious threat or should be part of their R&D investment as they commit to Open RAN as the future architecture.

At every stage, traditional vendors have raised concerns on aspects such as performance, security, and integration costs, creating fear, uncertainty and doubt among operators who are looking at options to build and evolve their networks.

It is worth restating that Open RAN is about having Open and Interoperable Interfaces for product nodes to allow multiple vendors to produce interoperable products and widen the supply chain. Open RAN does not describe or mandate how a node be implemented whether it be in virtualized software or dedicated custom hardware.

Download the white paper to uncover how Open RAN architecture improves security, generates power savings, optimizes costs by leveraging cloud technology, improves performance with AI/ML and more.