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Joint White Paper: OpenRan Integration: Run With It

The Open RAN concept and movement is not new – mobile operators and network and technology vendors have been developing solutions, conducting trials and deploying networks for the last few years.  The important point is that Open RAN networks are being deployed today by major operators around the world – this is no longer a science experiment.  The Open RAN concept is about disaggregating the RAN functionality by building networks using a fully programmable software-defined mobile network solution based on open interfaces – radios, base stations, etc. – that runs on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware (COTS) with open interfaces.

Open RAN software and hardware vendors have been developing network solutions for the last few years.  As part of the research for this paper, iGR identified 22 publicly announced MNOs around the world using equipment from multiple vendors, including Altiostar, Mavenir and Parallel Wireless, who had deployed Open RAN in commercial networks. These MNOs have collectively just over 1.199 billion subscribers in their commercial networks and operate in countries or regions with a total population of more than 2.4 billion.

The takeaway here is that Open RAN is real; Open RAN can be, and is being, deployed in commercial networks today; the Open RAN community is coalescing and coordinating to move deployments along; the cost savings are being realized; and operational performance requirements and KPIs are being met.

The following key questions are addressed in the new white paper:

  • What is Open RAN?
  • What is the difference between virtualization and openness?
  • What are some of the challenges of the mobile industry that have driven the development of Open RAN?
  • What are some of the benefits, including cost savings, of Open RAN?
  • Where has Open RAN already been deployed successfully?
  • What solutions do Altiostar, Mavenir, and Parallel Wireless offer to support Open RAN?

Download the white paper to learn more.

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