Viper2020 Cloud Managed Small Cell platform – Support for 5G Services, First Responders and Neutral Host Networks with Presence™

Cambridge, United Kingdom, May 17, 2017 – ip.access, the small cells pioneer since 2002, today announced innovations to the company’s Viper2020 cloud based access platform. As the industry aligns globally around 5G spectrum in the 600 and 700MHz bands, 3500MHz and other upcoming neutral host bands, ip.access leads the way with products and solutions to match. These solutions are valid for both traditional and shared-access licenses.

Service providers, shared-access and neutral host providers, first responders, and network analytics companies benefit from the addition of Presence™ within neutral host small cells. Specifically, we announce the introduction of variants for the indoor and outdoor product families and the integration of Presence™ within neutral host small cells for public safety.  In combination with the SUMO™ 5G-oriented Network Slicing technology, these solutions are ideal for shared access and shared application networks, combining Access, Presence Sensing and both Cat-M and NB-IoT in a single platform.

“By combining our presenceSensor analytics capabilities to our neutral host small cells, we’ve opened an entire new market opportunity for neutral host service providers, retail and stadium venues, and first responder network services,” said Malcolm Gordon, CEO of ip.access.

Viper2020™ is a flexible cloud platform for management of licensed spectrum, neutral host, IoT small cells and presenceSensors with support for multi-operator access, analytics and IoT connected devices.

“With our new portfolio additions, we give service providers, system integrators and neutral host providers the ability to combine the benefits of small cells with neutral host and presence services to address the 5G market potential,” said Dr. Nick Johnson, CTO and Founder of ip.access. “We also believe it’s important to support new and unique bands for 4G or 5G services, first responder networks and rural markets.”

Small cells in shared spectrum in the U.S. and Europe, with presenceSensors, make it possible for 4G and 5G networks to leverage a common management and access platform to offer reliable and lowest cost mobile access and revenue-generating presence analytics and services, both with and without mobile core network access.

“While it’s unclear what, exactly, 5G networks will look like, we do know that fulfilling the 5G promise – delivering more data, more reliably, to a broader set of customer segments – will require small cell networks, software and network virtualization, along with platforms which support new spectrum resources and new business models focused on neutral host or presence capabilities,” said Peter Jarich, Chief Analyst with Global Data.  “The new Viper2020 innovations speak to those requirements positioning it well to support operators in their quest to deliver access and differentiated, value-add services.”

Viper2020™ includes access, presence and IoT capabilities for ultimate network performance, coverage and analytics:

  • Cloud platform with virtualised gateways for secure access and routing of all traffic and analytics data between small cells, Wi-Fi access points, presenceSensors and service provider networks
  • Low cost and proven portfolio:
    • Indoor and outdoor small cells
    • Neutral host small cells with and without presenceSensors
  • Portfolio of neutral host 4G + IoT small cells for enterprise and venue deployments
  • Small cells with 600MHz and 700MHz bands, 3500MHz and other upcoming neutral host bands

Earlier this year, ip.access made the following important announcements:

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