Mavenir Wins Best Open RAN Solution Award at 5G World

Recognition for world’s first fully containerized, virtualized Open RAN

Reading, UK – September 24, 2021: Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, has won the award for “Best Open RAN Solution” at 5G World in London.

The award recognizes Mavenir’s success in deploying the world’s first fully containerized, Open vRAN conforming to the 7.2x interface defined in the O-RAN specifications and the F1 interface by 3GPP. Combining open interfaces, virtualization, and webscale containerization, the solution has the flexibility to support various deployment scenarios – including public, hybrid or private clouds and at the edge. The solution also supports massive MIMO, mmWave, edge microservices, and 5G slicing.

Mavenir’s vDU can support multiple fronthaul splits simultaneously – enabling an operator to adopt a future-proof vendor-agnostic strategy. The Open vRAN solution now supports 2G, making it possible for many operators to completely migrate away from proprietary Radio Access Networks (RAN) to open interfaces and a virtualized Web-Scale architecture.

“We’re thrilled that the judges have acknowledged the increased business agility that our fully containerized 100% software solution offers to operators,” said Stefano Cantarelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Mavenir. “Migration from 2G and 4G to 5G is now just a software update and will provide to the operators all the performances that they need in their very dynamic environment without being locked in legacy solutions.”

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