Mavenir Collaborates with Partners to Launch the Evenstar Remote Radio Head (RRH) Family

Aim is to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN Technology

RICHARDSON, TX – February 25, 2020 – Mavenir, an industry-leading end-to-end cloud-native network software provider for CSPs, announced today the launch of the Evenstar Remote Radio Head (RRH), in collaboration with Facebook Connectivity, MTI, Deutsche Telekom and other partners. The goal of the program is to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN technology.

The Evenstar program will contribute to the Open RAN ecosystem by focusing on building general-purpose RAN reference designs for 4G and 5G networks that are aligned with 3GPP and O-RAN specifications and will help accelerate the adoption of TIP Open RAN Project Group Solutions. RRHs, distribution units, and control unit software have traditionally been only available as a packaged unit, limiting opportunities to serve suburban and rural locations. By decoupling these components, the Evenstar program is expected to enable MNOs to choose best-in-class technology and deploy solutions from an increasing number of technology partners.

The Evenstar family is expected to eventually include multiple Remote Radio Head (RRH) product SKUs, including FDD B3 (4T4R 4X40W) and B28 2T4R 2x80W. The RRH architecture is based on O-RAN Alliance Fronthaul specifications based on Split 7.2.

“The Evenstar program is supported by a group of like-minded organizations that share a common goal of accelerating the adoption of Open RAN. Through this collaboration, we hope to release RRHs with the latest features and competitive pricing. The Evenstar RRH and the program itself will help level the competition in both technical specification and price,” said Mikael Rylander, SVP and GM of the Radio Access Business Unit at Mavenir.

“With Project Evenstar, Facebook Connectivity is collaborating with Mavenir and other ecosystem organizations to support building RAN hardware components for 4G and 5G networks,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President for Facebook Connectivity. “A healthy ecosystem of Open RAN vendors plays an important role in emerging deployments for 4G and 5G networks based on open architectures addressing various deployment scenarios and use cases.”

“As one of the Evenstar partners, MTI is honored to deliver a reliable and advanced RRH solution for the innovative open ecosystem with the integration of our digital and RF technology and the O-RAN 7.2x functional split,” said Allen Yen, Chairman & CEO of MTI.

“To benefit from next generation, open, disaggregated RAN solutions that can be implemented in various deployment scenarios for 4G and 5G networks, it is important for Deutsche Telekom to work with innovative partners driving O-RAN compliant technology,” says Abdurazak Mudesir, SVP Technology Architecture & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom. “This collaboration between the O-RAN and TIP communities is an important contribution to grow that ecosystem and accelerate the commercialization of Open RAN technology.”

The Evenstar RRH will be available in mid-2020 as part of the Evenstar program with plans to expand into other Open RAN architectural elements.

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