Mavenir Announces Open RAN Centre of Innovation in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom – November 10, 2020Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end Network Software Provider and a leader in accelerating software network transformation for communications service providers (CSPs) has established a Centre of Innovation in Cambridge, United Kingdom after its acquisition of ip.access. The Centre will focus on Mavenir’s innovative and open virtualized Multi Radio Access Technology (vMRAT) development and specifically on the integration of the 2G and 3G capabilities, giving the industry a unique solution for MRAT Open RAN which is completely built on virtualized architecture, integrating all the ‘multi-G’ cellular stacks from 2G to 5G.

“Mavenir is the industry’s only fully cloud-native software provider and with this solution will enable traditional legacy to be replaced or expanded with a future proof solution capable of supporting services which will last still for several years to come.” said Stefano Cantarelli, Mavenir’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The solution will feature the ability to scale and utilize a single architecture to cover all mobile technologies, giving the advantage of an extremely agile and flexible configuration for even faster time to market and for remote operations of the radio access network. Mavenir’s acquisition of ip.access brought the expertise of developing software in the 2G and 3G radio stacks which has been successfully deployed in the small cell environment that gave the Cambridge’s firm its brand recognition in the Carrier space as well as in the Enterprise and Private Network space.

Pardeep Kohli, Mavenir’s President and CEO said, “We are expanding our R&D capabilities in Europe and complementing our design centers in Sweden, Czech, and Germany with a new center in the UK. We establish these centers of excellence in areas where there is a true hub of innovation and expertise. In this case, the UK is the headquarters for Mavenir’s EMEA operations, and it is the home of pioneering industry leaders. With this initiative, we have a unique solution that fits all possible types of applications with a single architecture, that provide the next generation radio access portfolio, completely based on Open RAN principles by significantly boosting the ecosystem with many innovative and interesting initiatives.”

The new Centre of Innovation in the United Kingdom builds on Mavenir’s growing global presence with its network of dedicated Centers of Excellence. It joins the vRAN, 5G, and AI/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Centers of Excellence as in EMEA, as well as the NFV/SDN Cloud Innovation Centers in US and India.

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