Druid Quench Fires with Instant 4Glte Networks

Wicklow, IE & Bristol, UK & Coral Springs, FL – February 22nd 2019 – Druid Software, the pioneering Irish cellular network software provider and an Enterprise Ireland client company, has today announced its latest instant network partnership with Bence Command, Bristol, UK which provide a highly secure, portable, instant broadband network for UK and International Fire services, First responders.

The new Druid Software and Bence Command solution makes firefighting much safer for first responders, by providing dedicated 4Glte coverage for drones and the latest body worn camera, vital sign and mobile devices technology at the incident site.

Decisions can now be made in real time over Druids 4Glte network which provides a much clearer assessment of the dangers of a situation and how to deal with it in the quickest and safest manner. Multiple concurrent live HD video is streamed over Druids instant 4Glte network from drones in the air, body worn and fixed point cameras deployed on the ground. The ability to be able to mesh separate Druids 4Glte networks together from a vehicle, portable pelicase or back pack solution and then form greater coverage areas, is also a key feature and benefit of the solution.”

Druid and Bence have partnered with key radio technology partners IPAccess for the latest high powered 4Glte base station hardware and Cell Antenna International specializing in design/build control systems, to provide more than 8kms/5miles of dedicated, high bandwidth, pervasive, secure 4Glte mesh coverage, for the UK Emergency Services, and international public safety customers.

The IPAccess RAN also enables change between various frequency bands, which is important for Bence Command customers who operate in various parts of the world and need the flexibility to able to adapt to the environment they are in.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Lindsay Cumberbatch, Head of IT and R&D at Bence Command said: “We have been delivering 4Glte networks with Druid for our international customers for many years now. These latest features and advancements are Game changers like moving from dial-up to ADSL. Dedicating specific data streams like live video, audio or critical Push-to-Talk and providing greater coverage range means our customers have an even safer and more efficient environment to work in.”

Welcoming the announcement, Liam Kenny CEO of Druid Software said: “The partnership with DruidBence Command,  IPAccess and Cell Antenna is very important to us. Their customers need portable, dedicated and easy to manage critical communications where ever they face an incident. It’s a great test of our portable 4Glte instant networks in these highly critical situations. We are also grateful to be able to help improve safety & connectivity with our solution.

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