Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and ip.access Enable LTE Mobile Connectivity for Rural Villages and Isolated Enterprise Sites

Montréal, Canada and Cambridge, United Kingdom, November 7th, 2016 – Comtech Telecommunications Corp.’s Canadian subsidiary, Memotec, the world leader in the optimization of satellite voice and data telecommunications, and ip.access, a Mavenir company since September 2020 and the pioneering small cell solutions provider, announced today the successful completion of joint performance testing.

During end-to-end tests involving an emulated satellite link, ip.access’ E40 LTE small cell, and Memotec’s WX WAN acceleration and optimization device, end to end optimization and interoperability performed flawlessly and achieved 28 times faster bit rates than possible without optimization.

The high latency and jitter of satellite links usually limit bit rates at values much lower than those advertised for LTE services – even when the satellite link used as backhaul advertises high bit rates on its own. The joint solution tested by Memotec and ip.access allows mobile operators to deliver LTE services to isolated rural communities and enterprise sites using satellite backhaul links, without sacrificing the appeal and performance of modern LTE networks, and at a lower cost.

“ip.access’ LTE small cells are a favorite tool of mobile operators around the world, but using them on satellite links does not immediately showcase their full performance. Using Memotec’s WX, mobile operators can realize the full performance of LTE and new high-bandwidth satellite services in the Ka band”, commented Malcolm Gordon, CEO of ip.access.

“The Memotec WX is designed to unlock the full performance of satellite links. Combined with ip.access’ LTE small cells, mobile subscribers in isolated villages can now enjoy the full benefits of LTE connectivity”, said Yves Hupé, President of Memotec. ” This is a major step forward for mobile operators that can now serve these remote communities very cost-effectively and with the best possible service.”

The joint solution is available today and is already in trials with major mobile and satellite operators.

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