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Mavenir Does Many of the Same Things as Ericsson, Nokia

Mavenir’s John Baker and Maryvonne Tubb, talk with Fierce Wireless, about how Mavenir is a Network Software Provider that competes with legacy vendors, with a strong end-to-end cloud-native portfolio, including IMS core and packet core as well as RAN.


Mavenir Rules Out Nokia, Ericsson in Open RAN Market

Mavenir’s Bejoy Pankajakshan outlines the importance of open and interoperable interfaces in todays networks, confirming the importance of X2 interface for brownfield Open RAN deployments and the need for Open RAN based Radios.


WISPAmerica 2022

Join Mavenir’s John Hoadley, North American Vice President of Sales Engineering and Product Architecture, for a presentation on ‘Realizing the Benefits of O-RAN for Fixed Wireless Access’ at WISPAMERICA 2022 on March 17th.


Network Optimization: Non-Real-Time RIC Trial Analysis

See how Mavenir’s non-RT RIC Live Trial with a Tier 1 Operator demonstrated compelling improvements in Coverage and Capacity Optimization (CCO) and Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) KPIs by training ML models with live data to enable dynamic and adaptive policy and control.


Mavenir’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Solution

Learn how Mavenir’s RAN Intelligent Controller leverages AI/ML across RAN and Packet Core domains to achieve end-to-end 5G Intelligence that can help CSPs lower costs, offer superior performance, and maximize the user experience.


Self-Service and the Yellow Brick Road

Catering to mobile users and simplifying the purchasing process must be a significant part of any online commerce venture. Make sure your customer engagement solution can grant your wishes for reduced cost and increased revenue without the need for ruby red shoes.



Join Mavenir’s Mark Charman, VP, Middle East & Africa for his fireside chat on “Creating Cost-Efficient Connectivity Networks with Open RAN” on November 9th at AfricaCom.