Mar 17

Getting up to Speed on Mavenir’s Open RAN Progress

Mavenir’s high-profile news announcements, Fierce Wireless caught-up with Bejoy Pankajakshan to uncover the background behind the Dish Open RAN rollout with 40,000+ radios powered by Mavenir’s DU and CU software, the Deutsche Telekom win on Open RAN and mMIMO announcement with Qualcomm and Vodafone.

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Mavenir Updates on Open RAN Trends, Engagements

Mavenir’s John Baker talks with @ RCR ‘s Sean Kinney at #MWC23, about the 2023 industry momentum around Open RAN —and emphasized how Cloud RAN is not Open RAN. John also highlighted Mavenir’s win with Deutsche Telekom in Europe, and discussed the current deployment already supporting 40,000+ radios, with DISH.


Deutsche Telekom Preps Commercial Open RAN Rollouts

Deutsche Telekom cements its commitment to Open RAN with plans for commercial brownfield deployments, selecting Mavenir for a multi-vendor Europe deployment including mMIMO starting in 2023.