Three reasons T-Mobile’s new DIGITS will change the way we use mobile in our lives – RCR Wireless

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo of Strategy Analytics wrote in RCR Wireless about the three reasons why Digits will change the way we use mobile.

Mobile calling is in dire need of a platform that brings it into the 21st century – HD voice is great, but it’s not a major driver of behavioral change. Identity & number management is certainly a good area to push into, and T-Mobile has jumped into it with a network-based solution that has some game-changing potential:

1) By moving the identity from the device to the person, we will start to use multiple devices more tailored to different activities, needs and moments in our personal life

2) Identity and ease of use

3) The potential for Digits in an enterprise is perhaps the most compelling opportunity

Digits is an innovation that moves us even further into our reality of connected lifestyles, shedding the ties from the dial-up phone days to be more future-ready as we use more and more connected devices for communications. Communications should be easy to use and embedded in our lives, not tied to a specific device.

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