Pardeep Kohli

President, Chief Executive Officer

We are enabling new players to enter the market traditionally controlled by three vendors, and bring innovation and disruption by widening the supply chain.

Pardeep Kohli, President, Chief Executive Officer
Pardeep K.
Pardeep Kohli
Mavenir at IMC 2018 - Pardeep Kohli
Pardeep Kohli, President, Chief Executive Officer, speaks at Mavenir's Analyst Event London, June 2022

About Pardeep Kohli

President, Chief Executive Officer

Pardeep leads the transformation of network economics for 4G/5G with the evolution to 100% software networks for CSPs. He is a serial entrepreneur bringing innovation and industry-leading solutions to the Wireless and Telecom market.


  • Accelerating Software-Based Network Transformation
  • The Evolution to 100% Cloud-Native Networks
  • Building the Future of Networks
  • Pioneering Advanced Open RAN Technology


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Pardeep Kohli

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Pardeep Kohli

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Pardeep Kohli

Previous Speaking Engagements

MWL Unwrapped Pardeep Kohli, CEO, sits down with Sasha Twining to discuss Open RAN Architecture

ln this Mobile World Live Unwrapped interview with Sasha Twining, Mavenir’s President and CEO, Pardeep Kohli, discussed Open RAN Architecture, the future of Mavenir and the telecom industry as a whole. 

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Pardeep Kohli | Keynote Session | The Future of Messaging | MEF 2021

In this webinar Mavenir’s Pardeep Kohli, CEO, discusses the paradigm shift in messaging, how messaging value has increased, why 5G must drive RCS adoption, and why conversation commerce will explode.

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