Mavenir played a key role with DISH in building the world’s most advanced cloud-native 5G Open RAN network, as DISH continues to change the way the world communicates.

Several Mavenir products comprise the foundation for an innovative software-defined network that has the flexibility, intelligence and scalability to deliver applications that will redefine the wireless industry.

  • Optimized network deployment and management
  • Increased vendor choice, innovation and agility

With Open RAN, the DISH 5G network runs on fully-virtualized – and typically containerized – software, deployed via the cloud across its network platform.

“This means that we’re not encumbered or constrained by a traditional, vertically-integrated system where the software is anchored to the hardware; we no longer have those limitations,” says Stephen Bye, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer at DISH Wireless.

“It allows DISH to utilise the innovation of other parties on the platform. This essentially gives DISH the opportunity to bring in innovative software and solutions at a faster pace than legacy networks.”


When DISH became the 4th major US wireless operator in 2020, their Project Genesis committed to build the world’s first cloud-native 5G SA Open RAN network on a hybrid cloud.

This required DISH to take an innovative approach that:

  • Reduces TCO
  • Optimizes the cost of deployment and management
  • Enhances security
  • Increases vendor diversity through a choice of best-of-breed vendors
  • Meets FCC license conditions
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In 2022, DISH architected and launched the most advanced cloud-native 5G SA Open vRAN network leveraging several Mavenir products:

Mavenir Open vRAN

Mavenir Open vRAN running CU on the AWS public cloud alongside Dish Core. Mavenir’s Open vRAN supports all generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and is built from the ground up to be cloud-native, with fully containerized microservices allowing it to be deployed easily on any cloud – private, hybrid or public. The network leverages 5 FDD spectrum licenses with carrier aggregation and asymmetric bandwidth.

Mavenir RCS Business Messaging Solution

Mavenir RCS Business Messaging Solution including Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) technologies. Its open platform provides developers with everything operators need to build and deploy advanced communication applications, offering new revenue opportunities for operators looking to offer new services to enterprise customers.


In just 14 months, Dish met its first FCC-mandated June 2022 deadline to cover at least 20% of the US population with its 5G network.
  • Proves 5G SA Open vRAN can be deployed at scale
  • Delivers the first 5G SA network with VoNR
  • Surpassed 5,000 sites deployed in 120 markets at >100 DU/CUs daily
  • Uses a cloud-native approach for Telco to reduce CNF deployment time by 80% vs. traditional methods (from days to minutes)
  • Provides subscribers with the best of three networks (Dish, AT&T and T-Mobile) for US coverage with roaming agreements
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Customer Speaks: Dish – Open vRAN & Public Cloud

Mavenir is the first to deploy the world’s first cloud-native 5G SA network with Open vRAN on a public cloud (AWS), as part of the DISH deployment. Our unique strategy brings best practices from the hyperscale cloud and IT industries for rapid design, development, testing and rollouts. Mavenir’s cloud native tools (mCMS and MTCIL) use native kubernetes constructs to provide seamless configuration management of RAN workloads to support the placement of workloads at the right location.

Mavenir and DISH, World’s First 5G SA Network Using Open vRAN

Mavenir and DISH deploy the world’s first 5G SA network in Las Vegas. Witness live test data and performance on dual band 5G connectivity at lightning speeds, live from the Las Vegas Strip on the public cloud. Mavenir and DISH have built the foundation for a flexible and open future with Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service and 100% cloud-native software.



DISH Wireless: Next-Generation Telco

Listen to Dish’s Marc Rouanne and Mavenir’s John Baker among others, discuss the Dish Open RAN deployment and its pioneering approach to technology and partners.

White Paper

Taking over the US’ Wireless Market with Open-RAN Tech

DISH has taken the open approach to its network architecture. With Open RAN, the DISH 5G network runs on fully-virtualized – and typically containerized – software, deployed via the cloud across its network platform.


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